Five books are provided with A&D as user manuals.  Each is printed on high-quality, 7½ x 9-inch paper.  Spiral bound, they lay flat when open.  Summarized below, each is professionally written, illustrated, and fully indexed:

Vol. Title Pages Description Price*
1 Adventures
xii+156 A general introduction to genealogy with very detailed but very easy-to-read explanations of the numerous beneficial tasks that personal computers can and should perform for genealogists.  See the Table of Contents for details. $4.95
2 Getting
viii+82 The installation and customization manual for A&D, it includes instructions for DOS and Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and NT installations.  Shows 19 of A&D's screens.  4.95
3 Tutorial viii+62 A step-by-step tutorial, it takes you through A&D's main features by using a famous family's data.  Shows and explains 38 of A&D's screens.  4.95
4 Reference
xii+190 A screen-by-screen and field-by-field detailed reference manual for A&D, it lets you quickly look up instructions about any screen or field.  Shows over 80 screens.  4.95
5 History
xii+112 This book supplements A&D's online help system and lets you quickly look up and encode both modern and archaic terms.  Its 23 tables include thousands of entries that cover states and countries of the past and present, modern and historic diseases, occupations, religions, and other important genealogical data elements.  4.95
*Price if purchased separately.  Shipping and handling cost is additional.  The five books together weigh nearly three pounds.

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