Census Data

Is Your Software Census Capable?

A census documents the people found in households — such as homes, farms, boarding houses, and other residences.
    Does your software let you record census data by identifying a household and recording the people living there?
A census documents all of the people living in a household — including servants, boarders, in-laws, slaves, etc.
    Does your software let you easily identify boarders, employees, and slaves living in your family's households?
Successive censuses let you track the movement of a family through decades and from an initial household to later households.
    Does your software let you record the movement of individuals and families between residences?
    Does your software let you print a chronology that lists the places where you or your ancestors lived?

If your software fails to provide these basic capabilities, look at the powerful features offered by Ancestors and Descendants®.
A&DTM is a complete and powerful genealogy system that lets you record census data in a very efficient manner.

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