Error Corrections

Some users have encountered a rare bug when entering notes into A&D (that is, while entering text into Individual Notes Field 37, Relationship Notes Field 22, Household Notes Field 26, or Source Continuation/Notes Field 10).  This bug locks the cursor in either the 1st position of the input line or the right-most position of the Notes input line.  The cursor will move up or down, but not left or right.  Fix this problem by simply typing the letter that appears under the cursor.  For example, if the cursor is locked over the first position of the word "woman", enter the letter "w".  This will unlock the cursor and solve the problem.

A&D Version 1.61 corrects the following problems that were present in Version 1.60 and prior versions of A&D:

  1. Report options 483 and 485 (1-across address labels and 1-across rotary cards, respectively) would fail and cause A&D to crash if a Household record was encountered that met all three of the fol- lowing conditions:  Address Lines 2 and 3 both contained data, the Country was other than the USA or Canada, and the length of the City/Town plus the Country was greater than 28 characters.

  2. Report option 486 (2-across rotary cards), when printed on fan-fold card stock, was formatted poorly:  the left card slightly overlapped the right rotary card.

A&D Version 1.60 corrected the following problems that were present in A&D Version 1.50 and other versions as indicated:

  1. Screen 2a "Set Date":  A&D would crash if the day number was set at 30 or 31 and an arrow key was then used to change the date to a month with fewer days.  (A&D Version 1.55 and prior.)

  2. Screen 4:  Any value entered in Field 5 "Default country/state" would disappear after leaving the screen.  (A&D Versions 1.50 through 1.53 only.)

  3. Screen 6:  Any value entered in Field 8 "Keyboard nationality" would disappear after leaving the screen.  (A&D Versions 1.50 through 1.53 only.)

  4. Screen 31a and Screen 33a:  Error message 121 or 122 would appear when an individual identified as a transsexual was entered into Field 2 or Field 3.  (A&D Version 1.55 and prior.)

  5. Screen 62:  When trying to print a series of Ancestors Charts, A&D would get into an endless loop if you defined an individual in that pedigree as his or her own parent.  (A&D Version 1.54 and prior.)

  6. Screen 84f:  When trying to import GEDCOM data from Family Tree Maker version 4.0 or subsequent, errors 5 and 52 would occur and prevent further processing.  The same problem also occurred with Ultimate Family Tree.  (A&D Versions 1.55 and prior.)

  7. Report 482:  Upon trying to list the "residences" for a person, the resultant report contained no data.  (A&D Version 1.50 only.)
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