Data Fields

A&D provides a very large number of standard data fields to hold your data.  The following is an alphabetical list and a sampling of the more important events and attributes that can be stored within your A&D databases:

Data Field(s) Data Field(s)
  Address *   Adoption/Lineage
  Alias **   Aliases Total
  Anniversary Reminder   Baptism **
  Baptism (LDS) **   Bar/Bat Mitzvah **
  Berith/Bris Date   Birth **
  Birthday Reminder   Burial **
  Cause of Death   Cemetery
  Christened **   Confirmation Date
  Consanguinity   Date Created *
  Death **   Education **
  Ended On Date   Endowment (LDS) **
  Engagement Date   Family History Label **
  Family History Name   First Household *
  Fraternal/Social Group   Genealogist(s)
  Given Name *   Graduation **
  Grave Marker   Health Condition
  Hebrew Name   Home Telephone Number
  Household Number *   Household Type
  Immigration **   Individual Number *
  Individual Record Type   Individual Type
  Kind of Evidence   Last Updated *
  Mailing List *   Marriage **
  Marriage Banns Date   Marriage Sealed (LDS) **
  Move-In Date   Move-Out Date
  Military Service **   Next Household
  Nick Name   Notes *
  Option *   Occupation **
  Photograph No. *   Primary Spouse
  Race   Relationship Number
  Relationship Type   Religion/Church
  Repository   Research Flag *
  School/College **   Sequence Number of Primary *
  Seal to Parent (LDS) **   Sex
  Source Cost   Source Description
  Source Number *   Source Type
  Surname   Time of Birth
  Time of Death   Title
  Total Number of Children   Total Number of Residents
  Total Number of Spouses   Two Marriage Dates
  Updated By *   Work Telephone Number **

* A single asterisk indicates a field that appears and is used in multiple places.
** A double asterisk identifies a group of fields that consists of multiple sub-fields to hold this information.

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