Soundex Codes

Soundex is an excellent system used for the indexing of people—especially for recent U.S. censuses.  A Soundex code consists of the first letter of the person's last name, and a three-digit number that represents the sound of the remaining letters of the surname.  Names that are spelled differently, but that sound the same, have identical Soundex codes.

A Soundex calculator is built into A&D to let you determine the four-character Soundex code for any name or group of names.

Part of A&D Screen 78a is shown at the right.  You can enter nine surnames at a time.  The Soundex code is instantly calculated after you enter each name.

When done, you can print your Soundex list.  The resultant report is a very convenient listing to take to a library or family history center.  It will help you find people in census records and passenger lists that have Soundex indexes.

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