About This Web Site

This is the fourth-generation web site for A&D. 
  Our first site was small and had slow performance.
  The second site began in February 1997 and was bigger and better.
  Our third site came online in June 1997.  It soon consisted of 70 pages.
These three web sites were at the URL www.AIA-AnD.com.  Our current site came online on October 10, 2002, under the new URL www.hancockonline.net.  Our web server is located in Santa Monica.  Source HTML code is maintained on an IBM ThinkPad.  All pages at this and the prior web sites conform to the HTML 3.2 Specification, are Netscape enhanced, and need a browser that supports colorized tables, borderless frames, and the full range of colors.  For the best viewing, use a 1024 x 768 pixel display mode, small fonts, a maximized window, and Netscape Navigator 4.79 or later editions.

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