Individual Record 620

Name}   Catt, Stanley Crawford Family History} Hancock                
  Title}   Ethnic Origin} English Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Fam 20 Mar 1888/89* Place} Thedford, Bosanquet, Lambton, Ontario
Marr.: Date} Exa    6 Mar 1912 Place} Thedford, Bosanquet, Lambton, Ontario   (Link)
Marr.: Date} Exa    3 Nov 1921 Place} St. Thomas, Elgin, Ontario       (Link)
Death: Date} Fam 26 Nov 1942 Place} Malahide, Elgin, Ontario
Burial: Date} Cir   29 Nov 1942 Place} Aylmer, Elgin, Ontario
  Grave Marker}  
Source 1} 100 = 1891 CAN cen
Source 2} 120 = Obituary
Source 3} 133 = Birth notice
Source 4} 132 = Index
Source 5} 1018=Photographs
Source 6} 832 = 1901 CAN cen
Source 7} 831 = 1911 CAN cen
Source 8} 987 = Marriage rec
Source 9} 976 = Family history
Source 10}978 = Family history
Parents: } Henry Catt (Harry) (#2) & Catherine Crawford
   Relationship No.} 184
1st Household No.}  
      Occupation 1} Undertaker
       Occupation 2} Farmer
  Religion/Church} Presbyterian
Spouses:    First} McArthur, Effie
              Second} Brown, Mina Annette
 Total Number of} 2
Notes:  *Birth year conflict:  One source gives Stanley's birth year as 1887, four sources give his birth year as 1888, and two sources give his birth year as 1889.  All sources agree that Standley's birthday was 20 March.

From November 1908 to August 1911, Stanley resided at and managed his father's farm at Lot 12 Concession 3 during Henry's partial paralysis and eventual death.  Stanley was single and in his early 20s during this period.  He married for the first time in early 1912.

In May 1925, Stanley was in charge of the funeral of his aunt Mrs. Charles Fisher (nee Mary Catt).

In 1926, George McFarlane purchased Frank Steele's undertaking business and renamed it McFarlane & Catt shortly thereafter.  His partner Stanley Catt also had a business in Arkona.  They added a 1929 Model DeSoto coach to their equipment which could also be used as an ambulance.

In 1928, John C. Madiment purchased Stanley Catt's interests and renamed the business McFarlane & Maidment until 1932.

Family lore indicates that Stanley changed his surname and that of his family from Catt to Cott in 1926.
Time of Birth}   Time of Death}   Fraternal/Social}  
Baptism Date}   Place}     Stanley Catt
Confirm. Date}   Photo} Stanley in 1896
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade}              or Top 2 Degrees}  
Military: Service}                   for the State of}  
Health Condition}  
  Cause of Death}  
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