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Name}   Imboden, Richard Joseph (Dick) Family History} Hancock               
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Fam 22 May 1940 Place}   , Napa, California
Marr1: Date} Exa 11 Jun   1961 Place}   , Napa, California
Marr2: Date} Exa   6 Apr   1974 Place} Reno, Washoe, Nevada
Marr3: Date} Exa 22 Jun   1988 Place} Reno, Washoe, Nevada
Death: Date} Exa  25 Jan   2008 Place} at home, Vacaville, Solano, California
Burial: Date} Fam   1 Feb  2008 Place} Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, Napa, California
  Grave Marker} Yes
Source 1} 848 = Birth record
Source 2} 1031=Marriage rec
Source 3} 661 = Death record
Source 4} 1311=Obituary
Source 5} 870 = Letters
Source 6}  
Source 7}  
Source 8}  
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Source 11} 
Parents: } Joseph A. Imboden Jr. (Joe) & Dorothy Jane Keller
   Relationship No.} 822
1st Household No.}  
      Occupation 1} Correctional sergeant
       Occupation 2} Carpet layer
  Religion/Church} Presbyterian
Spouses:    First}   ?   , Dallas J.
              Second} Robinson, Charlene H. (Char)
                  Third}   ?   , Elizabeth Marie (Betty)
 Total Number of} 3
Notes:  Dick was born in Napa in 1940 and spent his childhood and much of his early adulthood living and working in Napa.  At the age of 18 he bought his first house and began his career as a carpet layer, working for Blackney & Marsh.  He worked for 25 years and with his keen eye for perfection, he learned not only the fine art of carpet laying, but also carpentry and home repair.  These skills came easily to him and, eventually, he became known as the man who could fix anything.

Dick had two daughters with his first wife Dallas; they were his only children.  Dick and Dallas divorced in Napa in 1972.  Dick and his second wife Char divorced in Napa in 1984.  Dick and his third wife Betty divorced circa 2000.  (Dallas also subsequently remarried and had two more spouses.)

In 1984, Dick went to work for the Solano County Sheriff's Department.  He quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to correctional sergeant.  One of his greatest sources of pride was that during his 17 years with the Sheriff's Department he only missed work five days due to illness.

Richard J. Imboden After his retirement in 2000, Dick finally had the opportunity to enjoy his lifelong passion for woodworking.  He is remembered standing in his garage at his trusty Shop Smith, sawing and routing unbelievable custom cabinets and unique creations — to which he jokingly said it may not be pretty, but it's stout and it'll be here long after I'm gone.  He was a modest man — because everything he created was beautiful.  He was considered to be a master wood craftsman.

The photo at the left shows Dick at his 45th class reunion on 3 Aug 2003.  He was a member of the Vacaville Elk's Lodge, past Wagonmaster for the Rov'n Elk's R.V. Club, and a 15 year member for the Vaca Employee's Bowling League.

Dick passed away peacefully in his sleep early in the morning on 25 Jan 2008, at his home in Vacaville that he shared with his life partner, Laurie.  His passing came as a complete surprise, as he had been blessed with excellent energy and good health.

Dick was survived by two daughters, two stepsons, and four grandchildren.  He also left behind a sister and her two children, a sister-in-law and her two children, his father, and his brother.  He was preceded in death by his mother, Dorothy.
Time of Birth}   Time of Death} Early A.M. Fraternal/Social} see Notes above
Baptism Date}   Place}   Richard J. Imboden
Confirm. Date}   Photo} Dick's obit photo
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade}              or Top 2 Degrees}  
Military: Service}                   for the State of}  
Health Condition}  
  Cause of Death}  
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