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Click to enlarge Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Hancock of Simcoe, Ontario, from page 13 of the Salvation Army's The War Cry newspaper.  The date of this newspaper clipping is unknown but is most probably after 1891 and prior to September 1902.  I believe that the two individuals in the photograph are Frank T. Hancock and his wife Mary Ellen Fisher; however, I cannot be certain of this because the given names of the individuals are not included in the clipping — and I have not yet gone to the Salvation Army's Archives in Scarborough, Ontario, to find and view the complete newspaper article associated with the photograph.

The photograph is most probably of Frank and Mary Ellen Hancock because:
  1. the male looks like Frank in subsequent photographs of Frank
  2. the female looks like Mary Ellen's mother, Mary Catt
  3. both Frank and Mary Ellen were very active in the Salvation Army
  4. the clipping was included in materials passed down from Wilfred Hancock, the son of Frank & Mary Ellen.
The photo, however, could also be of one of Frank's brothers and sister-in-law who were also active in the Salvation Army during those years.  Further, I have no evidence that Frank and Mary Ellen ever lived in Simsoe.

The original of this newspaper clipping is held by John Martin of Vallejo, California, within his Source 739.
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