Source Record 979

Description:       Source Type}   Family history Family History} Hancock
Descendants of Stephen Catt, a 13-page, computer-generated, rtf, family history document by Colene Munro.  Sent to Dan Hancock on 19 Jan 2007.

Note:  Although this is a secondary source, it contains a large number of references to and abstracts from primary source documents that support this family history.  These include primary source citations of and abstracts from Birth Registrations, Death Registrations, Marriage Certificates, marriage announcements, census pages, obituaries, funeral cards, newspaper articles, and the book Tiger Hills to the Assiniboine.  Thus, this Descendants document is considered to be unusually well researched, substantiated, and reliable.

This is the fourth of five Descendants documents provided by Colene Munro on the Catt family.  Also see Source Records 968, 969, 978, and 980.
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Kind of Evidence} Reproduced copy
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by} Dan Hancock
Date Updated} 18 Jan 2014
Date Created}  20 Jan 2007
Repository:Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Hancock
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