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Ontario, Canada.  Registrations of Births and Stillbirths, 1869 - 1913.  Archives of Ontario Microfilm MS929.  Located online at  Includes a photocopy of the original Schedule A — Births page for:

    Child's Name Date of Birth     Birth County     Father's Name     Mother's Name  
    Annie Carley   4 Dec 1878 Essex John T. CarleyElizabeth Patching
    Arthur Stephen Catt 20 Oct  1876 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Bertha Jane Catt 12 Aug 1878 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Cora Pearl Catt 16 Apr  1892 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Edward Bridge Catt   3 Apr  1886LambtonStephen Catt Mary Ainscough
    Edward Stephen Catt   7 Sep  1884LambtonStephen Catt Mary Ainscough
    Eliza Caroline 16 Mar 1872 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Elizabeth Catt 14 Jan   1872 LambtonStephen Catt Mary Ainscough
    Evelyn Catt 31 May 1897 LambtonGeorge Catt Rose Stevenson
    James Edwin Catt 19 Jul   1882 LambtonStephen Catt Mary Ainscough
    Kate Cecil Catt 12 Apr  1890 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Maggie Catt 18 Mar 1874 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Mary Ann Catt 22 Oct  1873 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Nellie Catt 20 Oct  1883 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Philip Percy Catt 13 Aug 1888 LambtonStephen Catt Mary Ainscough
    Robert Henry Catt 23 Mar 1880 LambtonHenry Catt Catherine Catt
    Russell Bertram Catt 14 Apr  1896 LambtonGeorge Catt Rose Eliza Stevenson
    Ernest Ellery Culley 18 Feb 1907 LambtonJohn CulleyFannie J. Hancock
    Herbert Clifford Culley 22 Jul  1894 LambtonJohn CulleyFannie J. Hancock
    Lloyd Leslie Culley   1 Mar 1898 LambtonJohn CulleyFannie J. Hancock
    Ralph Culley   8 Aug 1909 LambtonJohn CulleyFannie J. Hancock
    Walter Winfield Culley 18 Dec 1899 LambtonJohn CulleyFannie J. Hancock
    Willard Wrenford Culley 13 Mar 1903 LambtonJohn CulleyFannie J. Hancock
    Viola Agnes Elliott 12 Mar 1898 LambtonJames ElliottMary Ann Pollard
    Kate Helena Goldsmith 21 Sep  1900 Lambton Henry GoldsmithArmina Jane Catt
    Wilfred Hillary Gould 23 Nov 1902 Ontario Joseph W. GouldAlice M. McGuire
    Caroline Hales 24 Aug 1878 MiddlesexWilliam HalesSarah Ann Huggins
    [three children] Hales 1904 to 1910 Lambton Ephraim HalesClara May Taylor
    Earl Clifton Hancock   2 Dec 1906 York James E. HancockEmma F. Beasley
    Eva Maud Hancock 19 Jul   1891 Lambton George J. HancockMary C. Whitlock
    Ida May Hancock 23 Aug 1896 MiddlesexGeorge J. HancockMary C. Whitlock
    Mary Pearl Hancock 17 Mar 1890 Lambton George J. HancockMary C. Whitlock
    Olive Elizabeth Hancock   8 Jan  1910Lambton Thomas HancockMaria Warren
    Rhea May Hancock 28 Apr  1907 Essex William HancockAnnie Carley
    Sarah Elizabeth Hancock 17 Aug  1902 Lambton James Hancock Sarah Eliz. Hales
    Wilbert Hancock 25 Nov 1899 Lambton James Hancock Sarah Eliz. Hales
    William John Hancock 17 Dec 1874 Lambton Thomas HancockMary Ann Howells
    William Thomas Hancock 17 Aug 1911 Lambton Thomas HancockMaria Warren
    Abram Stanley Hodgson 16 Aug 1877 LambtonIsaac HodgsonCaroline Catt
    Eleanore Rebecca Hodgson 13 Nov 1906 MiddlesexW. H. HodgsonAnnie E. Fraser
    Elva Emily Mable Hodgson   1 Jan  1888LambtonIsaac HodgsonCaroline Catt
    Frederick Ralph Hodgson 26 Jul   1875 LambtonIsaac HodgsonCaroline Catt
    Isaac Arthur Hodgson   9 Jun  1884LambtonIsaac HodgsonCaroline Catt
    Jacob Reginal Hodgson   3 Jan  1885LambtonIsaac HodgsonCaroline Catt
    John Fraser Hodgson   6 Feb  1905LambtonW. H. HodgsonAnnie E. Fraser
    William Henry Hodgson 18 Jul   1873 LambtonIsaac HodgsonCaroline Catt
    Louisa Logan 20 Feb  1876 LambtonWilliam D. LoganAnna McManus
    John Alexander McDonald 27 Oct  1878 LambtonWilliam McDonaldChristina Sutherland
    Garnett Earl Moloy 28 Feb  1896 LambtonJoseph Moloy Annie Catt
    Edgar Humble Moloy   8 Nov 1900 LambtonJoseph Moloy Annie Catt
    Howard Carman Moloy   3 Jan  1903LambtonJoseph Moloy Annie Catt
    Harry Moloy 24 Aug 1905 LambtonJoseph Moloy Annie Catt
    Rosa Nickels 28 Feb 1876 LambtonHugh Nickels Elizabeth Whiting
    [eight children] Nickels 1898 to 1912 Lambton John H. NickelsIda Bertha Woolley
    [four children] Nickels 1901 to 1910 Lambton Joseph NickelsCaroline Hales
    Robert O'Hara 23 Nov 1876 LambtonJohn O'Hara Mary Kernahan
    Stephen O'Hara   9 Jan  1893LambtonSamuel O'HaraAnn Jane Catt
    Margaret O'Hara   3 Jul   1895LambtonSamuel O'HaraAnn Jane Catt
    Alice O'Hara 15 Nov 1903 LambtonSamuel O'HaraAnn Jane Catt
    William Alfred Purdy 10 Apr 1873 Huron John Purdy Rosetta Hayter
    Arthur Clifford Wright   6 Jan 1902 LambtonJohn Wright Nellie Hancock
    Robert Andrew Wright   1 Dec 1898 LambtonJohn Wright Nellie Hancock
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