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Ten photographs delivered in an e-mailed letter from Liz Lockett to Dan Hancock, dated 3 Feb 2008, subject Re: Duhig Family.  The 10 photographs are:
  1. Edgar and Betty Duhig's daughter in 1949
  2. Edgar Randolph Duhig with his children in 1953
  3. Edgar and Betty Duhig
  4. Edgar and Betty Duhig
  5. Betty and Edgar Duhig
  6. Edgar and Betty Duhig's 1942 wedding with Betty's parents
  7. Edgar and Betty Duhig's children in 1955
  8. Edgar and Betty Duhig's son circa 1966
  9. Edgar and Betty Duhig's son circa 1959 with dog
  10. Marjory and Stanley Duhig at the right with the Wilsons at the left — circa 1942

(Also see Source 1030.)

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