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Description:       Source Type}   Family history Family History} Hancock public member tree Velasco Family Tree owned by Dianne Velasco of Napa, California.  This public family history ( tree number 8329542) includes individuals with the Martin, Rumble, and Lindquist surnames and was created beginning on 29 Oct 2008 — and is well supported by a numerous links to government-issued source documents.  This family tree was later renamed Velasco/Trias & Martin/Lindquist family tree.
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This source also includes six e-mailed letters from Dianne Velasco to Dan Hancock, dated 18, 20, 20, 24, and 15 Jan 2009, and 4 Feb 2009, all with the subject Genealogy update.  These letters provided additional family information and included the following three photographs:
Linquist grave marker In 2014 I found a variance in the above family tree with the name given for Helen Linquist's mother.  After reviewing the original Swedith birth record and the family history produced by Gunilla Hedenborg of Sweden, I concluded that the mother's true name most likely was Syster Selma Wilhemina Peterson rather than Selma Wilhemina Peterson Persson.  Selma dropped her given name Syster prior to 1920 as evidenced by the U.S. 1920, 1930, and 1940 Censuses — and confirmed by her headstone (shown above) that simply reads Selma W. Lindquist.
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