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Estate Settlement of the Real Estate of Francis Bird, Kenton County Court, Kentucky, 21 Apr 1862, as documented in an e-mail letter sent from Mildred Bird Ridgway to Al Enslen in Sep 2010 in which she writes:

"I thought I had a copy of Francis Bird, Sr's. will but I haven't been able to find it.  We traveled to Salt Lake and researched in their genealogy library several times after Will retired.  I do have part of the Estate Settlement re Francis' Real Estate.  Not sure, but I think it was listed in a plat book for Kenton Co.  Not all of it copied because their pages were so wide and Salt Lake's printers were not good quality then.  At any rate, here's a partial transcription:"

Persuant of an order of the Kenton County Court ..... held in Independence, Kentucky 
March 17, 1862 appointing us (see below) commissioners to divide ....... and alot to 
these children ..... 165 acres including a graveyard of one quarter acre per aggrement
with Joshua Sanders (apparently Francis purchased the land from Joshua Sanders):
  Widow's Dower alloted to Catherine Bird (Francis Bird's second wife) - 
            A tract of Land - 46 and l/2 Acres ........
  Lot l - Allotted to Elisha and Elam Bird, children and heirs of Francis Bird, 
            deceased - 10 and l/4 Acres, described as follows ............
  Lot 2 - Allotted to Arthur Bird - 9 Acres and 65 poles
  Lot 3 - Allotted to Alexander Caldwell, child and heir of Tabitha Caldwell,
            deceased, formerly Tabitha Bird, 8 and 5/8 acres
  Lot 4 - Allotted to Elizabeth Caldwell, 8 and 5/8 acres
  Lot 5 - Allotted to Nancy Cram, wife of Edward; Jane Armstrong, wife of John; 
            Elizabeth Hempling, wife of Jacob, all children and heirs of John Bird, 
            deceased, 12 and l/2 Acres.
  Lot 6 - Allotted to Anne Picket (has cemetery on it) 19 Acres.
  Lot 7 - Allotted to Mary Jane McNabb, wife of Calvin, (only child of Francis and 
            Catherine)  15 and 3/4 Acres.
  Lot 8 - Allotted to Arthur, Columbus, Isom, Francis, Lafayette and Anna Mary, 
            children and heirs of Henry Bird, 16 Acres
  Lot 9 - Allotted to Thomas Bird, 18 and l/2 Acres.

Given under our hands this 2lst day of April, 1862:
       John G. Ellis, Jr.
       Wilson Riggs
       Ezra F. Armstrong

"Francis Bird's Will, if there was one, would be at Kenton Co. Courthouse, Independence, KY.  Francis may have died intestate.  If you send a self-addressed envelope, you will get an answer from most courthouses in Kentucky."

Also see Mildred Ridgway's other submissions, and
also see Francis Bird estate's final settlement.
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