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History and family trees for the Hales, Hancock, Huggins, and Nickels families of Ontario, Canada, as documented by Cindy Kelch in 17 e-mails to Dan Hancock, dated from 14 Aug 2011 to 11 Dec 2011, subject: family tree.  The included 15 photographs constitute a virtual photograph album as follows:
  1. Joseph Nickels and his 3rd wife Ida Moore
  2. Joseph Nickels, Caroline Hales, Susie Nickels, and Robert Anderson
  3. Hugh Nickels circa 1910
  4. William Charles Nickels and William Joseph Nickels in 1944
  5. The children of William Joseph Nickels and his second wife
  6. Cindy Kelch circa 2005
  7. Dorothy and Edna Morgan Nickels
  8. Edna Morgan Nickels
  9. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 1945 at 2 years old
  10. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 1966 with first wife and daughter
  11. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 1967 with first daughter
  12. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 1968 on a bike
  13. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 1989
  14. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 1990
  15. William Charles Nickels (Bill) in 2007 when ill with cancer

Cindy's early e-mails included the following key [edited] text:

"My great great grandparents are Hugh Nickels and Elizabeth Whiting from Devon England.  They had 6 children: Rosa, Selina, Susie, Elizabeth, John and Joseph.  Joseph married Caroline Hales, daughter of William Hales and Sarah Huggins.  They had 4 children: Wilfred, Orabelle, Pearl and Beulah.  After Caroline died Joseph Nickels married Sophie Hancock.  They had 5 children: William, Frederick, Percy, James and Dorothy.  After Sophie died Joseph married Ida Moore.

William Hales and Sarah Huggins had 3 children: Ephraim, Caroline, and Sarah.  Sarah married James Hancock and died soon after giving birth to Sarah Elizabeth (Irene) Hancock.  James [then] married Mary Edgerton Berryhill.  After James died Mary married George Griffin.  I have [no data] on their son Wilbert.

My great-great-grandfather, Hugh Nickels, was a Primitive Methodist Local Preacher.  One of his stations was South Bolton in 1860 [before he] came to Canada.  Hugh had sisters.  One sister was Sarah [who] married George Berry.  Their children: Harry, Ernest, John, Edwin, Mary, Annie, a son in the USA, and daughter in England (their names are unknown).  Hugh's other sister is Annie [Susanna] Nickels [who] married [William] Hancock.  Their children: Thomas, Frank, John, Susie, Bessie, Lilly, Fannie, George, Sophie (2nd wife of Joseph Nickels, my great-grandparents), and James (married Sarah Hales [who] died soon after giving birth to their daughter Irene).

My great-grandfather, Joseph Nickels (son of Hugh Nickels and Elizabeth Whiting) married Caroline Hales.  After Caroline died on June 13, 1911 Joseph Nickels married my great- grandmother Sophie Hancock (sister to James Hancock) on September 26, 1912.  Their children: William Joseph, Frederick John, Percy Hugh, James Harvey and Dorothy.

William Joseph (son of Joseph Nickels and Sophie Hancock) married Hazel Walker November 1937, they divorced and William Joseph married my grandma Bessie.  William Joseph died of cancer April 14, 1964, and is buried in Sarnia ON.  London Cancer Clinic has the following Hancock family members on their file:  Sophie Hancock had bowel cancer, her siblings Frank Hancock had stomach cancer, Tom Hancock had bowel cancer.  Joseph and Sophie's children Dorothy had bowel cancer and William had liver cancer.  Cancer is very common in my family."

Source of this Information:
"It is Edna Smith Nickels [who] provided my family with the [above] Nickels Family records.  The Nickels records [were] typed [on] little hand written notes collect by family members.  I do not have have any official certificates to back up the information passed on to me."

Cindy's full family history, entitled The Nickels Family, is over 10 pages long and is not being put online on the Internet because it includes information on living family members.

See Source 1377 for more Nickels family photographs provided by Cindy Kelch.

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