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Fourteen (14) Samuels and Coleman family photographs from the collection of Tina Marie Ries Wing, published within the Public Member Tree Allan and Tina's Family Tree, and available online at via subscription.  Tina's original 14 photographic images were edited and resized by Dan Hancock to improve viewability and are as follows:
  1. William Henry Samuels and his wife Irene Jane Coleman circa 1882
  2. Maude, Archie, and Dorothy Samuels circa 1890
  3. Florence Samuels circa 1890
  4. Edith M. Samuels circa 1906
  5. Hazel I. Samuels and Henry Edward Samuels in 1909
  6. Mildred and Nora Samuels circa 1909
  7. Nathaniel Samuels, 1855 - 1911
  8. Ethel Samuels and Adolph Haug's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  9. Ethel and Adolph Haug's headstone
  10. Addie Belle Coleman
  11. Henry Bert Coleman
  12. Samuel Oswell Coleman, circa 1890 - 1910
  13. Samuel O. Coleman headstone at Winters Cemetery
  14. Benjamin Franklin Lewis, Sr.
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