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Ancestors of Sena Bertram, a family history report produced by Brian Bauman's genealogy software program.  The report was a 625 KB pdf file, 39 pages long, and was sent to Linda Scott from Brian Bauman on 26 Nov 2012.  (The name of the genealogy program was not given.)

Analysis:  The Ancestors of Sena Bertram appears to be well documented and is often supported by abstracts of the source documents used in compiling this report.  For example:
  1. Under the "Generation 1" text for Sena Bertram were abstracts of six California Voter Registrations and abstracts of U.S. 1920, 1930, and 1940 Census documents
  2. Under the "Generation 2" text for Greetke Marie Ommen wera abstracts of baptism, immigration, steamship, and U.S. 1900 and 1910 Census documents
  3. Under the "Generation 2" text for William Bernard Bertram was a copy of Bertha A. Bertram's obituary

However, Generation 3 and subsequent documentation were not analyzed.  The report included no photographs.

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