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Notification of the death of Bessie Nickels per four e-mailed letters from Cindy Kelch to Dan Hancock; dated 20, 20, 29, and 29 Jan 2015; subject Bessie Nickels.

The second e-mail included a copy of the obituary for Bessie Marie (Dionne) Nickels from the D.J. Robb Funeral Home in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  Note, however, that the birthyear reported in the obituary was probably wrong (i.e., 1925 should be 1927) — and the number of Bessie's grandchildren was wrong (15 should be 19).

The four e-mails also included a seven-photograph photo album whose captions are listed below.  Click on the captions to view the photos
  1. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels circa the 1960s or earlier
  2. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels with her mother Lily Bellivean in 1963
  3. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels with her granddaughter Liz Nickels in 1966
  4. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels with her great-grandson Andrew Kelch in 1992
  5. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels with her son Bill Nickels in 2003
  6. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels with her daughter Dixie in 2009
  7. Bessie Marie Dionne Nickels in 1999
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