Household Record 70

Res.1/Male/Husb}   Noble, James Family History} Olson
    HH Type} Historic household   HH
Name(s)} James Noble & family
Str./Apt.} Bongate
City/etc.} Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
Household Dates:
  Source}      Bef 6 Jun 1841
  Move-In}   Exa 6 Jun 1841
  Move-Out} Aft 6 Jun 1841
Source 1} 224 = 1841 SCT cen
Source 2} 755 = Geog history
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by} Karen Hancock
Date Updated} 11 Aug 2013
Date Created}    6 Jun 1998
Click to enlarge Notes:  Description of Enumeration District 1 where James and his family were recorded:  "So much of the parish of Jedburgh as lies within the extended Parliamentary Boundary of the Burgh of Jedburgh and not included in the ancient Burgh comprehending, from the Flour Mill Bridge all the Houses on the Eastside of the Jed except Rechmons ??? and the boundaries to Thomas Cranston's House inclusive - but comprehending all the houses on the lefthand and haping along the Road from the Old Bridge to Thomas Cranston's house and when past his house, all the houses to the Jed commencing with the House on the south occupied by Widow Creelman and toward the East extending to and including Chaprnderside Springfield (now Scott's) Boundary Brae, Hyndfield and Honeyfield and extending to and including Iorchsinny."

Janet Mitchell, wife and mother of the family, did not appear in the 1841 census, having passed away the previous year.
Total # of Residents} 7  
Other Residents:
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  2nd Res.} Noble, John 301
  3rd Res.} Noble, Alexander ___
  4th Res.} Noble, Catharine (Cheroty) ___
  5th Res.} Noble, Andrew 599
  6th Res.} Noble, Walter   64
  7th Res.} Noble, Mary ___
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