Household Record 469

Res.1/Male/Husb}   Olson, Frank Thomas Family History} Olson
Res.2/Fem./Wife}   Pouncey, Joanna HH Type} Historic household   HH
Name(s)} Frank & Joanna Olson
Optional} Los Angeles
Str./Apt.} 1031 W. Foothill Blvd.
City/etc.} Arcadia, California 91006
Household Dates:
  Source}     Exa 1977
  Move-In}   Cir 1956
  Move-Out} Exa 1 Jul 1977
Source 1} 146 = Death certif
Source 2} 438 =Map/Atlas
Source 3} 1004=Index
Source 4} 2027=City directory
Last Updated
by} Karen Hancock
Date Updated}   2 Feb 2018
Date Created}  15 Oct 2010
340 Atlantic Avenue Notes:  This was the residence of Frank and Joanna Olson.  They were married in 1955, and the house was built in 1956.  Whether they moved in right after it was built is unknown.  The house had 3,190 Sq. ft. on a 43,979 Sq. ft. lot, with four bedroom and four baths.  Frank died in the residence on 1 Jul 1977.  It is presumed that the household included Joanna's daughter from a first marriage, whom Frank adopted.
Total # of Residents} 3  
Other Residents:
Household  His Last HH} 260  His Next HH} 113
Links => Her Last HH} 745 Her Next HH} 470
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