Dan's 2002/2003 Ski Journal

Mammoth Mountain, December 15 & 16, 2002.
Instead of my usual 188 cm skis, I rented Head 177 cm demos.  They worked good, but still required work to control and turn.  On Sunday afternoon a snowstorm and high winds came in.  We retreated to the Yodler early.
Karen and I went on four trips with the Century City Ski Club during the 2002/2003 Winter season as follows:
- Mammoth Mountain, January 11 & 12, 2003.
After being told of the glory of even shorter shaped skis, I rented a pair of K2 Axis XP 167 cm demos.  They were wonderful.  Turning was a breeze.  I took my first run ever down the face of the Cornice.  Beautiful!  (Photo)
- Sun Valley, February 1 through 8, 2003.
The Sun Valley rental shop did not have K2 skis.  So I rented Vokle P50 173 demos.  They were very good and held their edge even in the few very icy spots.  Six days of beautiful and almost effortless skiing — most of the time with other, very fast CCSC skiers.  Only two very minor, slow speed falls.  Karen skied only one day.  (Photo)
- Mammoth Mountain, March 29 & 30, 2003.
I again rented the K2 Axis XP 167 cm demos.  Karen rented gray Head 149 cm demos.  Again my skis were absolute perfection.  I did some of my best skiing ever.  Karen did well and skied with me to Canyon Lodge (we encountered some slush there) and back again to the Main Lodge.  I did many runs down the Cornice Bowl.
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