Dan and Karen's Photo Gallery

Following are photographs of the key places that we have visited since the year 2000.
Included are photos of significant palaces, castles, museums, churches, cathedrals, cities,
statues, people, railroad trains and stations, ships, Roman structures, and other sites.
Click on any photo to enlarge it — click on it twice more to expand it to its full size.

If you are looking for historical photographs on our ancestors and other relatives, then
click on Hancock family to find any of over 950 photos available here on Dan's family,
click on Olson family to find any of over 1,450 photos available here on Karen's family.

Singapore, 2018
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, 2018
Nha Trang, Vietnam, 2018
Nha Trang, Vietnam, 2018
Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong, China, 2018
Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong, China, 2018
Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan, 2018
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, 2018
Lungsham Temple of Manka, Taipei, Taiwan
Lungsham Temple, Taiwan, 2018
Osaka Castle, Japan
Osaka Castle, Japan, 2018
Osaka, Japan
Osaka, Japan, 2018
Sunpu Castle Park, Japan
Sunpu Castle Park, Japan, 2018
Mt. Fuji, Japan
Mt. Fuji, Japan, 2018
Dan Hancock, Karen Hancock, Pike Market Place
Pike Market Place, 2017
Dan Hancock, Anacortes
Anacortes, 2017
San Juan Islands, Karen Hancock, Odyssey
San Juan Islands, 2017
American Spirit
The American Spirit, 2017
Dan Hancock, Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park, 2017
Port Angeles, M.S. Kalajala
Port Angeles, 2017
Port Townsend
Port Townsend, 2017
Karen Hancock, Poulsho Maritime Museum
Poulsho Maritime Museum, 2017
The Museum of Flight
The Museum of Flight, 2017
Dan Hancock, Karen Hancock
2nd Seating, Pacific Princess, 2016
Cruz Bau, St. John
Cruz Bay, St. John, 2016
Dan Hancock, Karen Hancock, St. Kitts
Dan and Karen, St. Kitts, 2016
Admiralty Bay, Bequia
Admiralty Bay, Bequia, 2016
Dan Hancock, Fort King George
Fort King George, Tobago, 2016
Harrison's Cave, Barbados
Harrison's Cave, Barbados, 2016
Martinique, Dan Hancock, Karen Hancock
Dan and Karen, Martinique, 2016
Dan Hancock, Karen Hancock, Antiqua
English Harbour, Antiqua, 2016
Copper Mines, Virgin Gorda
Copper Mines, Virgin Gorda, 2016
Dan Hancock, Karen Hancock, Martinique
Dan and Karen Hancock, 2015
Monument to the Discoveries, 2015
Tower of Belem, Lisbon, 2015
Vasco da Gama
Vasco da Gama Tomb, Lisbon, 2015
Queluz Palace, Portugal
Queluz Palace, Portugal, 2015
Sintra, Portugal
Sintra, Portugal, 2015
Sintra Palace, Portugal
Sintra Palace, Portugal, 2015
Duro River, Portugal
Duro River, Portugal, 2015
Mateus Palace, Portugal
Mateus Palace, Portugal, 2015
Mateus Gardens, Portugal
Mateus Gardens, Portugal, 2015
Salamenca, Spain
Salamenca, Spain, 2015
Dom Pedro IV
Porto, Portugal, 2015
San Bento Railway Station, Portugal
San Bento Railway Station, 2015
Alhambra Palace Hotel, Granada, Spain
Alhambra Palace Hotel, Spain, 2015
Courtyard of the Lions
Courtyard of the Lions, 2015
Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain
Palacio Real, Madrid, 2015
Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain
Palacio Real, Madrid, 2015
Courtyard of the Lions
The Transparente, Toledo, 2015
Erechtheion, Athens, Greece, 2014
Parthenon, Athens, Greece, 2014
Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece, 2014
Olympia, Katakolon, Greece, 2014
Old Fortress, Corfu, Greece, 2014
Budva, Montenegro, 2014
The old moat, Split, Croatia, 2014
Roman map, Split, Croatia, 2014
Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy, 2014
Dubrovnik harbor, Croatia, 2014
The walled city, Mdina, Malta, 2014
The old moat, Mdina, Malta, 2014
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, 2014
Pompeii, Italy, 2014
Colosseum, Rome, Italy, 2014
Hbf, Hamburg, Germany, 2014
Rathaus, Hamburg, Germany, 2014
Lübeck, Germany
Holstentor, Lübeck, Germany, 2014
Rijks Museum, The Netherlands, 2014
Cologne, Germany
Cologne Cathedral, Germany, 2014
Roman mosaic floor
Roman mosaic floor, Germany, 2014
Marksburg Castle
Marksburg, Braubach, Germany, 2014
Cochem, German
Half-timbered German houses, 2014
The mayor of Ediger-Eller, 2014
Luxembourg American Cemetery
Luxembourg American Cemetery, 2014
Grand-Duché of Luxembourg
Grand-Duché of Luxembourg, 2014
Trier, Germany
Roman gate, Trier, Germany, 2014
River Queen
Uniworld's ship River Queen, 2014
Speyer, Germany
Technik Museum Speyer, 2014
Heidelburg, Germany, 2014
E.U., Strasbourg, France, 2014
Kayserberg, France
Stork nest, Kayserberg, France, 2014
Riquewihr, France
Us at Riquewihr, France, 2014
Rosenborg Castle, Denmark, 2013
Kretinga, Lithuania, 2013
Riga, Latvia
Opera House, Riga, Latvia, 2013
Kadriorg, Tallinn, Estonia, 2013
St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013
Ocean Princess
Our ship at Helsinki, Finland, 2013
Vasa, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013
Kiel Canal
Kiel Canal, Germany, 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013
Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, 2012
Antiquarium, Bavaria, 2012
Green Gallery
Green Gallery, Bavaria, 2012
St. Michael's Church
St. Michael's Church, Bavaria, 2012
Nymphenburg Palace, Bavaria, 2012
Floating mime
Floating mime, Austria, 2012
Bratislava gates
Bratislava gates, Slovakia, 2012
Bratislava snack
A snack in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2012
Budapest market hall
Market Hall, Budapest, Hungary, 2012
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal, 2012
Carvoeiro, Portugal
Carvoeiro, Portugal, 2012
Rock of Gibraltar
On the Rock of Gibraltar, 2012
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain, 2012
Ocean Printess
At sea, Mediterranean, 2012
Carcassonne, France
Carcassonne, France, 2012
Carthage, Tunisia
Carthage, Tunisia, 2012
Pompeii, Italy
Pompeii, Italy, 2012
Sorrento, Italy
Sorrento, Italy, 2012
Sydney, Australiz
Sydney, Australia, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand, 2012
Tauranga, New Zealand
Tauranga, New Zealand, 2012
Napier, New Zealand
Napier, New Zealand, 2012
Dunedin, New Zealand
Dunedin, New Zealand, 2012
Fiordland, New Zealand
Fiordland, New Zealand, 2012
London, England
London, England, 2011
Naeroyfjord, Norway
Naeroyfjord, Norway, 2011
Aurlandsfjord, Norway
Aurlandsfjord, Norway, 2011
Geirangerfjord, Norway
Geirangerfjord, Norway, 2011
Trondheim, Norway
Trondheim, Norway, 2011
North Cape, Norway
North Cape, Norway, 2011
Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria, 2010
Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary, 2010
Osijek, Croatia
Osijek, Croatia, 2010
Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
Viminacium, Serbia
Viminacium, Serbia, 2010
Belogradchik, Bulgaria
Belogradchik, Bulgaria, 2010
Vidin, Bulgaria
Vidin, Bulgaria, 2010
Sinaia, Romania
Sinaia, Romania, 2010
Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco Museum, Mexico, 2010
Costa Rica
Rain forest tram, Costa Rica, 2010
Panama Canal
Panama Canal, Panama, 2010
Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia, 2010
Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia, 2010
California Lighthouse, Aruba
California Lighthouse, Aruba, 2010
Tower of London
Tower of London, England, 2009
Crown Princess, Cobh, Ireland
Crown Princess, Cobh, Ireland, 2009
Queens University, Northern Ireland
Queen's University, Northern Ireland
Dunrobin Castle, Scotland
Dunrobin Castle, Scotland, 2009
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, 2009
Hotel d'Ville, Le Havre, France
Le Havre, France, 2009
Oil Pipe Line, Alaska
Oil Pipe Line, Alaska, 2008
Princess Ultradome, Alaska
Princess Ultradome, Alaska, 2008
Mt. McKinley, Alaska
Mt. McKinley, Alaska, 2008
Margerie Glacier, Alaska
Margerie Glacier, Alaska, 2008
Chulitna River, Alaska
Chulitna River, Alaska, 2008
Welcome Sign, Yukon
Welcome Sign, Yukon, 2008
Mother Russia, Volgograd, Russia
Volgograd, Russia, 2008
Memorial, Samara, Russia
Samara, Russia, 2008
A WC at Kostroma, Russia
Kostroma, Russia, 2008
Yaroslavl, Russia
Yaroslavl, Russia, 2008
Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia, 2008
Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia, 2008
Christmas market, Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany, 2007
Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany
Mainz, Germany, 2007
Bamberg, Germany
Bamberg, Germany, 2007
Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark sign
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007
St. George & the Dragon, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden, 2007
Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2007
Street scene in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia, 2007
Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk, Poland, 2007
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway, 2007
Welcome to Alaska sign
Welcome to Alaska, 2006
Skagway, Alaska
Skagway, Alaska, 2006
Sitka, Alaska
Sitka, Alaska, 2006
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, 2006
Tracey Arm, Alaska
Tracey Arm, Alaska, 2006
North Sawyer Glacier, Alaska
North Sawyer Glacier, Alaska, 2006
Squaw Valley USA
Squaw Valley USA, 2006
Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium, 2006
Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Kinderdijk, Netherlands, 2006
Keukenhof, Netherlands
Keukenhof, Netherlands, 2006
Dresden, Germany
Dresden, Germany, 2006
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany, 2006
St. Peter's Square, Vatican City
St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, 2005
Pantheon, Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy, 2005
Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy, 2005
M.S. Venezia, Italy
Po River, Italy, 2005
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy, 2005
Murano, Italy
Murano, Italy, 2005
Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania, 2004
Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, 2004
Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia, 2004
Kalocsa, Hungary
Kalocsa, Hungary, 2004
Szentendre, Hungary
Szentendre, Hungary, 2004
Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic, 2004
Mammoth Mountain, California
Mammoth, California, 2003
Mammoth Mountain, California
Mammoth, California, 2003
Sun Valley, Idaho
Sun Valley, Idaho, 2003
Dijon, France
Dijon, France, 2003
Giverny, France
Giverny, France, 2003
Honfleur, France
Honfleur, France, 2003
Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium, 2002
Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
Bernkastel-Kues, Germany, 2002
Zürich, Switzerland
Zürich, Switzerland, 2002
Passau, Germany
Passau, Germany, 2001
Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria, 2001
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary, 2001
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