Copying or Printing Data from This Site

  • If you are a direct descendant, or the spouse of a direct descendant, of individuals documented in the Hancock or Olson family histories herein, we encourage you to copy or print our records and/or photographs that relate to you and your family.  We want you to take advantage of our research and the material that we have gathered so that your own family history will be more complete and better documented.  Although the pages of the Hancock and Olson family histories are legally copyrighted, you, as a private individual and a descendant are granted permission by us to copy and/or print our records or photographs for your own personal and private use on the condition that those records and photographs retain our copyright statement or our URL address (

  • Each of our Hancock copyright statements applies only to the page (and its content, format, and subordinate graphic files) on which that copyright statement appears.  Pages at this website that lack our Hancock copyright statement (such as referenced family histories, government-issued certificates, and published books) are not copyrighted by us.

  • Commercial and corporate users (such as persons who store genealogies at or other ".com" websites), non-profit organizations, and non-relatives are prohibited from making or hosting copies of the material herein.  For those users, our content is protected by international copyright law and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without our written permission.

  • The Internet Archive ( is granted permission to make archival copies.

For optimum printing we recommend the Google Chrome browser — or secondarily, the Internet Explorer.

The print procedure
  for your browser is:
  1. Go to the Individual, Relationship, Household, or Source record to be printed
  2. With your mouse select some of the text in the record (any text will do)
  3. Do the step 4 below that applies to the browser brand that you are using:
Google Chrome: The Chrome Print screen
  1. Press and hold the Ctrl key, tap on the P key, and then release both keys.  A screen similiar to that shown at the right will appear
  2. Check the preview image at the right for split fields
  3. If any fields are improperly split into two lines, reduce the Margins
  4. When satisfied with all options in the left column, click on Print at the top left
Internet Explorer 8 & 11:
  1. Check and be sure that the Command bar appears near the top of IE's screen.  If it's not there, move your cursor into a blank area near the top of IE's screen.  Then right-click.  When a pop-up menu of bar options appears, check mark the Command bar option.
  2. Click on down arrow to the right of the printer icon and select Print Preview ...
  3. In the As laid out on screen box select Only the selected frame
  4. Check the preview image for fields improperly split into two lines
  5. If any fields are split, reduce the margins by moving the >|< icons
  6. When all split fields are corrected, click on the printer icon
  7. Click on the Print button
Firefox & Netscape:
  1. Select File --> Print . . .
  2. Verify that "The selected frame" is checked
  3. Click on OK
Apple Safari:
  1. Press and hold the Ctrl key, tap on the P key, and then release both keys
  2. Click on OK
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