Dates in A&D

Dates are very important to genealogists.  You may spend much of your time searching for, recording, and verifying the dates of significant events—such as dates of births, marriages, deaths, burials, baptisms, engagements, endowments, banns, gets, etc.

Unfortunately, dates are a very complicated subject and can create problems for you.  Date problems are most serious with American records prior to the 19th century, and with European records from the 16th up to the early 20th century.  Date problems occur because of the (1) different calendar systems, (2) different year-start and year-end dates, and (3) different recording methods used in each country during recent centuries.

A&D simplifies data entry and reduces date problems by giving you powerful new features and easy-to-use standards for the recording and processing of dates.  For example, A&D provides . . . .

Click on More About Dates for more information on calendar systems, the offset and short years, and date recording.

These and many other date features of A&D (for example, Double Dating, year ranges, dates that living persons were last known to be living, referencing notes, LDS date entries, and the Eternal Calendar) are clearly explained in detail in Chapter 14 of our Adventures in Genealogy book.

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