Comparison to Family Origins

Compare how Family Origin's Version 6.0 and A&D's Version 1.62 satisfy basic genealogical needs . . .

Will this product let you: F.O.
  Comes with complete, printed user instruction manuals? No Yes
  Easily enter birth and death data on individuals? Yes Yes
  Enter in three keystrokes or less, and statistically report on, any of the following:
  -  the complete names of countries, states, and provinces?
  -  occupations, races, titles, religions and churches?
  -  fraternal/social groups, and military services?
  -  causes of death and other medical conditions?
  -  types of sources and kinds of evidence?
  Enter French, German, Scandinavian, Spanish, and other characters of the Western European languages (such as á, ä, â, à, å, ç Ç, ñ, ö, Ö, and ß)? No Yes
  Properly handle Julian/Old-Style, Jewish/Hebrew, and French Republican dates? No Yes
  View aliases and alternate names for an individual in the sorted names index? No Yes
  Select a set of optional "Facts" according to whether an individual is Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, etc.? No Yes
  Quickly and easily view the "Facts", addresses, and source information on hundreds of individuals or relationships in less than a minute? No Yes
  Easily handle common-law and not married relationships? No Yes
  Enter unknown, unnamed, and stillborn children—without having to create individual records? No Yes
  Enter multiple households (including addresses, residents, telephones, and sources) for a person—and easily link them to all other individuals and relationships to which they apply? No Yes
  Enter narrative descriptions of households, historical or current residences, farms, or businesses (without using individual notes)? No Yes
  Directly link your actual paper source records to source records in the computer? No Yes
  Print source usage and management reports that identify all source types present and absent for each individual and relationship? No Yes
  See who created or last updated a major record? No Yes
  Limit update and deletion capability to certain users? No Yes
  Import or export GEDCOM data? Yes Yes
  Prepare Ancestral File and LDS Temple submissions? Yes No*
  Include photographs and multimedia clips? Yes No

* A planned future capability of A&D.
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