A&D gives you seven ways to specify which record(s) from your current family history to include in a GEDCOM export file. A&D then gives you three ways to export the GEDCOM data:

  1. Advanced A&D GEDCOM export.
    This option exports the maximum amount of data.  It outputs all four of the major A&D record types:  Individuals, Relationships, Households, and Sources.  Notes are included for each of the four record types whenever present.  Use this option only when the destination is an advanced genealogical software product (such as A&D) that supports both independent household and independent source records.  This option uses GEDCOM level 5.5 constructs.

  2. Intermediate GEDCOM export.
    This option exports a medium amount of data.  It outputs three major record types:  Individuals, Relationships, and Sources.  Notes are included in each of the three record types.  A&D Household records are not exported.  Use this option when the destination is a genealogical software product that supports independent source records (such as PAF 3.0), but not independent household records.  This option conforms to the GEDCOM 4.0 specification.

  3. Elementary GEDCOM export.
    This option exports a minimum amount of data.  It outputs only two A&D record types:  Individuals and Relationships.  Notes are included for both of the two record types—even though very elementary systems (such as PAF 2.31) cannot handle relationship notes.  Source data are converted into text notes.  Alias and Household records are not exported.  Use this option when the destination in a basic, mass-market genealogical product.  This option conforms to GEDCOM 4.0.

A&D exports the international character set (known as Code Page 432, Character Set 2; PC-8; or IBMPC) recogized by nearly all modern monitors and printers; however, some other genealogical products may be unable to recognize non-English characters.

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