Daniel W. Hancock

Dan is the principal designer and programmer of A&D, and is the Chief Financial Officer of Adventures In Ancestry, Inc.  A fourth-generation native of northern California, he began formal family history research as a teenager.  After he married in 1961, Dan collected birth, death, and marriage certificates from state and Canadian offices.  He laboriously transcribed his new family's ancestral records in ink onto the pages of a leather-bound book, the then-popular Bailey's Photo-Ancestral Record.

Dan has B.S. and MBA degrees from of the California State University system.  He began working with computers and designing information systems in the 1960s.  His 35 years of computer systems experience has encompassed large IBM mainframes, minicomputers, personal computers, and the World Wide Web.  In the late 1970s, he owned a company that developed and marketed accounting software for small businesses.  In addition to his genealogical activities, he is a manager of information security and a computer security specialist at the West Coast software-development site for a large financial institution.

Dan's family history currently covers 1,127 individuals and is supported by over 533 source documents.  His genealogical research efforts include the following family surnames:  HANCOCK, BIRD, COLEMAN, DUHIG, ELLISON, FISHER, LACAZE, McFARREN, SAMUELS, and WILLIAMS.

Dan has taught many courses on word processing, the design of information systems, and genealogical software.  He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the L.A. Westside Genealogical Society.

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