Sample Reports

A&D provides over 150 types of standard reports, charts, forms, and labels.
The following is an alphabetical list of 75 major types of A&D outputs.

Report Name or Type Report Name or Type
  Academic Grade *   Address labels *
  Adoption/Lineage *   Ancestors Chart **
  Cemetery Record   Correspondence Log form
  Country or State *   Current Addresses
  Current Telephones   Descendants Report *
  Dictionary Entries *   Disease or Death *
  End-of-Line Persons   Ended by (Divorce) *
  Family Calendar   Family Group Sheet
  Family History Index   Family Tree **
  Fraternal/Social Group *   GEDCOM Import Exceptions
  Gender *   Household Numbers *
  Household Record   Household Record form
  Household Type *   Households' Source Matrix
  Households with no Sources   Individual Households Record
  Individual Numbers   Individual Record
  Individual Record form   Individual Type *
  Individuals' Source Matrix   Individuals with no Sources
  Kind of Evidence *   Labels, address *
  Labels, individual *   Labels, return address *
  Labels, source *   LDS Ordinances Status
  LDS Temple *   Mailing list *
  Military Service *   Names Index
  Options *   Occupation/Trade/Profession *
  Pedigree Chart **   Primary Descendants *
  Race *   Relationship Households Record
  Relationship Numbers   Relationship Record
  Relationship Record form   Relationship Type *
  Relationships' Source Matrix   Relationships with no Sources
  Religion/Church *   Repository Record
  Research Log form   Research Plan form
  Research Tasks/Flags   Residences, household
  Return address labels *   Rotary cards, address *
  Rotary cards, individual *   Soundex Codes
  Source labels *   Source Numbers
  Source Record   Source Record form
  Source Type *   Source Usage Record
  Sources by Source Type   Table *
  Title *  

* Reports marked with a single asterisk are available in multiple formats.
** Reports marked with a double asterisk are available in over 1,000 formats.

A&D reports print on standard, plain-white, word-processing paper—either U.S. letter 8½ x 11-inch or A4 210 x 297 mm paper stock.  Parchment paper is optional.  All reports use two fonts (or more) and graphic-drawing characters.  Some reports print at 10 characters per inch (CPI), others at 12 CPI, and many at 16.7 or 17 CPI.  All reports can be routed to an output file in lieu of a printer.  Label and rotary-card outputs require standard label or rotary-card stock.
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