Speed Advantages

The most common complaint from Microsoft Windows® users is slowness.  Windows applications are often very sluggish—even with the fastest and newest computers and the latest version of Windows . . . .

But no longer!  A&D installs faster, its screens and pop-up windows appear faster, data entry is faster, and reports print faster than with other software.  Don't waste time on unnecessary keystrokes and mouse clicks—let A&D speed up your genealogical tasks.

Faster Human Processes

You will not have to type in and remember how to spell entries such as Massachusetts, Saskatchewan, Baden-Württemberg, veterinarian, or myocardial infarction.  With only three or fewer keystrokes in A&D, you can correctly enter complete words and phrases such as these.  For example, just press A to enter Annulment, BA to input Bachelor of Arts, or MAL for Malaria/malarial fever.  And, strange as it sounds, with A&D you won't have to memorize any abbreviations or acronyms!

You will not have to move your hand from the keyboard to your mouse and then move the cursor to and click on a small icon.  Instead, a single press of a standard key will do it—and instantly make the desired entry, pop up a window, or take you (in most cases) to where you want to go.  Thus, both data entry and navigation within A&D are extremely fast and simple.

A&D automatically and instantly hides the clutter of the Windows icons and shows you clean, easy-to-read screens so you can concentrate on your genealogical tasks.  (Just press ALT+ENTER to see the icons again.)

Faster Computer Processes

Technically speaking, all of A&D's programs are compiled and fully optimized.  This means that they run faster than most other software when used with Windows.  A&D is lightning fast on all computers.

The information you enter into A&D is automatically compacted so it is stored in less space.  Thus, A&D's records and databases are highly compressed and very small.  This results in an unusually fast overall data processing speed.

The printer drivers built into A&D are faster than Windows' printer drivers.  Thus, A&D's reports print faster.  You will not have to click, click, and wait to get a printed report.

Avoid problems, have fun, and save time by doing your genealogical tasks more quickly.  That is our philosophy and A&D's promise.  Your time is important and you should not have to waste it on unnecessary mouse clicks, keystrokes, or computer pauses.

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