What You Get

When you order a copy of Ancestors and Descendants, you receive the following 12 items:

Photograph of the box and its contents
Two program diskettes that contain the latest A&D Version 1.62 software and provide you with A&D's full database management, GEDCOM, reporting, and other capabilities.  The software is customized with your name and address encrypted into it.
One family history diskette with the complete A&D database on a famous family.  Use this diskette with the Volume 3:  Tutorial manual to acquaint yourself with the operation and use of A&D.  The diskette contains data on 503 real persons, 161 marriages, 101 sources, and 51 households, cemeteries, and source repositories.
Five books that are A&D's user manuals.  Each is printed on high-quality, 7½ x 9-inch stock with spiral binding.  All five are very easy to read, contain numerous illustrations, and are fully indexed.
Two special A&D keyboard templates:  a large one for your desktop or tower computer, and a smaller template for your notebook or laptop computer.  These simplify your use of A&D.
A welcome letter that gives you your A&D system administrator's password.  The letter also explains how to read or print out the readme.now file that describes the latest changes included in A&D Version 1.62.
Your Software License Agreement with Adventures In Ancestry, Inc.  It explains your rights and our rights.

These 12 items are packed in a colorful box and strong container for first-class air-mail shipment to you.

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