Source Record 9

Description:       Source Type}   Biography Family History} Hancock
An 11-page-long typed autobiography of Simeon Clyde Williams.  Written by Daniel W. Hancock in 1982 and 1984 based upon his interviews with and letters from Simeon Clyde Williams.  Edited by Simeon Clyde Williams in 1984 prior to his death.

The envelope for Source 9 also contains the following related documents:

  • an August 9, 1974, longhand letter to Dan from Simeon
  • an April 7, 1979, article in the Napa Register on Simeon's life (page 14A)
  • a 1981 Christmas Card to Dan and Karen from Simeon
  • a March 26, 1982, typed letter to Dan and Karen from Simeon
  • a May 1984 longhand letter to Dan and Karen from Simeon
  • a 1984 collection of Simeon's comments on "The McFarren Family"
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Kind of Evidence} Original
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by} Dan Hancock
Date Updated} 27 Dec 2005
Date Created}  20 Jun 1994
Repository:Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Hancock
1059 Southridge Drive
Auburn, California 95603-5851
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