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Copies of 38 photographs and images on the McFarren family in jpg format collected by Barbara Lee McFarren in April 2003 on a CD that was loaned to Dan Hancock by Judy Robertson Kiilehua.

Also, three e-mails (dated 29 Apr 2003, 9 Jun 2003, and 10 Jun 2003) from Judy Robertson Kiilehua to Dan Hancock that describe the contents of the CD.  The jpg images are stored by Dan in his local PC directory path as follows:  C:\My Documents\My Pictures\Source 695 - Barbara McFarren 2003.

It includes the following:

The e-mail dated 9 Jun 2003 says:

"Well, Dan, you may have already seen that many of the pics on the disc can be eliminated.  Many are copies.  I guess that Barbara's friend was playing around with a photo program.  He's a retired engineer, I believe, and does photography as a serious hobby.  He didn't know anything about the family really, therefore the odd labeling.  Anyhow, just in case I can add info for you on these, here is my list from the disc.

2 PeopleLacq - Barbara and I think this could be our grandmother Cornelia Patton McFarren's father and stepmother, Sam and Martha Patton, however, we don't know for sure. This is from a copy that was mounted on wood and lacquered at some point a long time ago.  It used to sit in my grandparents living room.  The lacquer is cracking so the whole thing is deteriorating.  If it's the Patton's, it would only be of marginal interest to you.

3 Kids - This is Dovie, Elmore, and Alice McFarren. Alice looks to be about 3 or 4 years of age to me, which would make it circa 1921-22. I think the family was still in Holtville at this time. They are on the 1920 census there.  I know that by 1926, Exie, Cornelia and family lived in Garden Grove.

8 People - Unknown family. Our best guess is that this family is on the McFarren side.  Could be Pattons, but as far as we know my Grandmother, Cornelia Patton was an only child, though we think her father, Sam, may have had a previous family, so it's hard to know.  It is possible that it's a Jackson family?? I have no clue.  I haven't yet found a family whose children would appear to be the right ages, to even make a stab at a guess.

Baby & Bible - My grandmother Cornelia Patton McFarren

Baby & Bible 1 - Same as above

Baby & Bible 2 - Same as above

Copy of Mom & Baby - As you know this is a labeling error.  We know this is Bess and Arthur Theodore McFarren

Cornelia McFarren

Cornelia McFarren

Docu0093 - The mystery woman, Elizabeth Wells.  No clue who she is or if and how related.

Docu0094 - Back of 0093

Docu0095 - Theodore and Evelyn, as you know

Docu0096 - Copy of Mom & Baby (error in labeling noted above)

Docu0097 - Back of 0096

Docu0098 - (3 Kids) again, see above

Docu0099 - Golfer unrelated to us

Docu0100 - Cornelia Patton McFarren

Docu0101 - Cornelia Patton McFarren

Docu0102 - Copy of 2 People ( possible Pattons as noted above)

Docu0103 - McFarrens (like your copy of the family)

Docu0104 - Cornelia Patton McFarren

Docu0105 - Elmore McFarren, Ruth Reagan McFarren, with son, David and daughter, Barbara

Docu0106 - Copy of 8 People above, identity unknown

Eliz_Wells - Copy of the above 0093

Eliz_Wells - Copy of the back of 0093

Eliz_Wells - Black and white copy of Eliz. Wells

Fred_Golf - Unrelated

Fred_Golf - Unrelated

Fred_Golf - Unrelated

Gramps_ma - Another mistaken label. A copy of Dode and Eva? Evelyn

GroupLacq - You have this already of the McFarrens and probably a better copy.  This one suffered from the same lacquering mentioned above in "2 People," sad to say.

McFarrenFamily - Copy of Elmore, Ruth and children

McFarrenFamily - Copy of Elmore etc. again

Mom & Baby - Copy of mislabeled pic of Bess

Mom & Baby - Back of above

Paternal_Grandma - Cornelia Patton McFarren

As I said, you can eliminate a lot of these and the rest may be of limited interest to you.  When Barbara shares more with me, I will look for anything you might have an interest in.  I loved looking at your photo albums. Just the period shots were really quite fascinating.  If you happen to scan in that shot of the younger John and Mary Ann photo sometime, and can email it to me, I'd love to have a copy.

After our chat I reviewed Elizabeth (Martha) Foust information.  Your comment that you don't think she is Anna Maria Elizabeth Foust was interesting to me.  Do you mean that there isn't evidence for the "Anna Maria" portion of the name, or do you think she is not a daughter of Jacob Foust?  After thinking about it, I wasn't sure what you meant, entirely.

Anyhow, we can continue to discuss it, I hope. I'm always interested in your opinion.  You are the expert.  I'm learning.



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