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A thread of five e-mailed letters on Rev. Matthew Williams and his descendants, sent from Mike Levy of New York to Dan Hancock.  The thread consisted of:
  • Three letters, dated 7 and 8 Jan 2010, subject Saw your website and see that you have my great great great grandfather (Rev Matthew Williams) on it
  • Two letters, dated 9 and 10 Feb 2010, subject Matthew Williams photo
  • Five enclosures, which are documented as separate sources, as follows:
    1. Source 1191:  Two 1870 U.S. Census pages on Jno B Williams and family
    2. Source 1192:  One 1880 U.S. Census page on J. B. Williams and family
    3. Source 1193:  One 1910 U.S. Census page on Wm S. Williams and family
    4. Source 1194:  One 1920 U.S. Census page on William S Williams and family
    5. Source 1195:  One photograph identified as Matthew Williams
  • One inline reference to John Black Williams death notice
    ( )
    from The New York Times on 8 May 1897

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