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Forty-one (41) historic photographs of and document copies related to deceased members of the Martin, Rumble, and Lindquist families.  Most of the original images were found at Dianne Velasco's way back family photos album, located within her FaceBook collection of photograph albums, and posted by her beginning on January 2010.  Additional images were from Dianne's Public Family Tree Velasco/Trias & Martin/Lindquist located at and cited herein at Source 1119.

Dianne's images were cropped, edited and enhanced as needed, captioned, and resized into the three image sizes used within this website.

Click on the captions below to view the photos.  Then click on the resultant image to view a larger version of each photo.

  1. Four generations of Martins and Rumbles in 1936 at 1436 G Street, NapaLeft-to-right, front-row:  Leola Agnes (Lee) Hancock, Otto John Martin Jr., their son, Pearl M. Martin, Leonard R. Schlageter Jr., and Leonard R. Schlageter Sr.  Back-row:  Bertha C. Rumble, Sarah Elizabeth Cronk, Otto John Martin Sr., and William Frederick Rumble.
  2. Otto John Martin Sr. in about 1947 or 1948
  3. Otto Martin Sr. and James Martin circa 1946
  4. James and Otto John Martin Sr. circa 1947 or 1948
  5. Bertha C. Rumble Martin
  6. Charles (Charlie) Julius Hjalmar Lindquist
  7. A young Bertrum Ernest (Bert) Martin
  8. Bertrum Martin and team, middle row, third from left
  9. Bertrum Ernest (Bert) Martin
  10. Bertrum Ernest (Bert) Martin in a convertible
  11. Bertrum Martin (at far left) enjoyed fishing with friends
  12. Helen Lindquist in 2nd grade circa 1925
  13. Helen Lindquist's Certificate of Confirmation
  14. This is probably Helen's high school graduation picture
  15. Helen Lindquist skiing circa 1939
  16. Helen Lindquist's clipping about skiing Turlock girls
  17. The new Mrs. Helen L Martin at Lake Tahoe the day after her wedding in 1942 (side view)
  18. The new Mrs. Helen L Martin at Lake Tahoe the day after her wedding in 1942 (closer view)
  19. Helen Lindquist with a great big smile and looking very happy
  20. Two views of an older Mrs. Helen L. Martin
  21. Mrs. Helen L. Martin with two dogs in August 1968
  22. Signa Lindquist at 14½.  Inscribed With Love, Signa 19 May 1929
  23. Signa Lindquist before her wedding
  24. Signa Lindquist's wedding in Nov 1939 at age 24
  25. Newspaper article on Signa Lindquist's and Vincent Youngquist's marriage
  26. Vincent and Signa after their wedding
  27. Vincent G., Signa O., & infant Karen L. Youngquist, and Charles J. H. Lindquist (11 Jul 1942)
  28. Signa Lindquist dressed to go out on 24 March 1940
  29. baby Karen Youngquist 4/19/1942 to 6/24/2009
  30. Vincent and Signa's grave marker
  31. Freda Lindquist Berg
  32. Freda & Conrad Berg and family
  33. William H. Martin's marriage to Miss Betty Edwards
  34. Betty (Edwards) Martin and children
  35. Sharon (Sherry) Dianne Martin
  36. Sharon (Sherry) Dianne Martin
  37. Sharon (Sherry) Dianne Martin skiing
  38. The Schlageters:  Leonard Sr., Leonard Jr., Pearl, & Gary
  39. Leonard (Len) R. Schlageter Sr.
  40. Pearl M. Martin Schlageter
  41. Ken between his two brothers and with his sister at the right
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