Household Record 284

Res.1/Male/Husb}   Carr, Vernon Albert Family History} Olson
Res.2/Fem./Wife}   Olson, Lillian Mae HH Type} Historic household   HH
Name(s)} Vernon Albert & Lillian Mae Carr
Optional} Los Angeles County
Str./Apt.} 1611 W. Broadway
City/etc.} Glendale, California
Household Dates:
  Source}     Exa  5 Jun 1917
  Move-In}   Aft 1910
  Move-Out} Bef 1920
Source 1}845 = Military rec
Source 2} 
Last Updated
by} Karen Hancock
Date Updated} 12 Jul  2013
Date Created}  14 Aug 2006
Notes:  Vernon and Lillian were living at this address in June 1917, when Vernon registered for the World War draft.  He listed as dependents, his wife and two children under the age of twelve.  He was listed as a farmer.  According to Donald Olson, they had a chicken ranch when they lived on West Broadway.
Total # of Residents} 4  
Other Residents:
Household  His Last HH}   66  His Next HH} 249
Links => Her Last HH}   66 Her Next HH} 249
  3rd Res.} Carr, Evelyn Mary 249
  4th Res.} Carr, James Douglas (Jim) 249
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