Household Record 785

Res.1/Male/Husb}   Thorpe, Herbert Gerald  D Family History} Olson
Res.2/Fem./Wife}   Fullmer, Jullietta  D HH Type} Historic household   HH
Name(s)} Herbert G. & Jullietta F. Thorpe
Optional} Utah County
City/etc.} Springville, Utah
Household Dates:
  Source}     Exa 26 Apr 1930
  Move-In}   Cir 1918
  Move-Out} Aft 1940
Source 1} 1891=Genealogy
Source 2} 1725=Marriage rec
Source 3} 845 = Military rec
Source 4} 1904=1920 USA cen
Source 5} 764 = 1930 USA cen
Source 6} 768 = 1940 USA cen
Source 7} 1894=Obituary
Source 8} 1125=Death certif
Source 9} 759 = Cemetery rec
Source 10}1894=Cemetery rec
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by} Karen Hancock
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Date Created}  14 Jun 2016
Notes:  According to family records, Herbert Gerald Thorpe was born 5 Mar 1892 in Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah.   His parents were Levi Thorpe and Mary Ruth Taylor.  Juliette Fullmer was born 2 Jan 1894 in Springville, Utah, Utah.  Her parents were John Solomon Fullmer, Jr., and Agatha Ann Darrow.  Herbert Gerald Thorpe married Etta Fullmer on 9 Dec 1912 in Utah County, Utah.  Family records also record a marriage date of 18 Dec 1912 in the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.  They raised a family of seven children.

Their first child, Blaine F., was born in 1914 in Brigham Canyon, Salt Lake, Utah.  Their second, Ruth, was born in 1916 in Brigham, Salt Lake, Utah.  On 5 Jun 1917 when Herbert Gerald Thorpe, 25, registered for the World War I draft, he was a farmer living in Springville, Utah, Utah, with a wife and two children to support.  He was described as being of medium build with gray eyes and light colored hair.  Zelma was born in 1918 and Lucille in 1919, both in Springville, Utah, Utah.

In the 1920 U.S. census, Herbert G. Thorpe. 27, and his wife Juliette Thorpe, 26, were living on a farm in Springville, Utah, Utah.  Herbert was farming on his own account, and they owned their home with a mortgage.  Their children were Blaine F., 5, Ruth, 3, Zelma, 1, and Lucile, 4 months.  Cleo was born in 1921, Lela Rae in 1926, and Joy in 1928.  Ruth died in 1922.

In the 1930 U.S. census, Gerald H. Thorpe, 38, and his wife Juliaette Thorpe, 36, were living on a farm located on South 6th East in Springville, Utah, Utah.  Gerald was a general farmer, they owned their farm, and had a radio set.  The children were Blaine, 15, Zelma, 11, Lucile, 10, Cilet(Cleo), 8, Lela R., 3, and Jay (Joy), 1 (and listed as a male).  The oldest four attended school.  Also living with the family was Elmer Fullmer, 19, a nephew working as a farm laborer.

Herbert Gerald Thorpe, 42, died unexpectedly on 27 Nov 1934, on their farm in Mapleton*, Utah, Utah.  Cause of death was an acute intestinal obstruction.  See the text of his obituary for further details of his life.  He was buried 2 Dec 1934 in the Evergreen Cemetery, Springville, Utah, Utah.

In the 1940 U.S. census, Juliet Thorpe, 46, was now the head of the family, living on North Road in Mapleton*, Utah, Utah.  She was overseeing the farm, and had completed one year of high school.  The children at home were Zelma, 21, who had completed 3 years of college; Cleo, 18, 4 years of high school; Lela Rae, 13, 6th grade; and Joy, 11, 5th grade.

Juliette F. Thorpe Herbert Gerald Thorpe Jullietta Thorpe, 62, died 13 Jul 1956, address on Canyon Road, Springville, Utah, Utah.  Cause of death was heart failure. She was buried 16 Jul 1956 alongside her husband in the Evergreen Cemetery, Springville, Utah, Utah.

*Mapleton, an agricultural extension south east of Springville, was incorporated in 1949.  It has Hobble Creek as its north boundary.
Total # of Residents} 9  
Other Residents:
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  3rd Res.} Thorpe, Blaine F. 1914 - 1977 ___
  4th Res.} Thorpe, Ruth 1916 - 1922 ___
  5th Res.} Thorpe, Zelma 1918 - 1997 ___
  6th Res.} Thorpe, Lucille 1919 - 2006 ___
  7th Res.} Thorpe, Cleo 1921 - 2010 786
  8th Res.} Thorpe, Lela Rae 1926 - 2012 ___
  9th Res.} Thorpe, Joy 1928 - 1988 ___
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