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Name}   Walker, Francis Clemons (Frank) Family History} Olson                  
  Title} Jr. Race} White Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Fam 20 Jan 1871 Place} Pine Valley, Washington, Utah
Marr.: Date} Exa  10 Apr 1895 Place} Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah     (Link)
Death: Date} Exa   3 Oct 1953 Place} Boulder City, Clark, Nevada
Burial: Date} Aft   3 Oct 1953 Place} Panaca Memorial Park, Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada
  Grave Marker} Yes [detail]
Source 1} 255 = IGI
Source 2}   82 = Genealogy
Source 3} 153 = Family hstry
Source 4}   27 = 1880 USA cen
Source 5} 1725 = Marriage rec
Source 6} 1726 = 1900 USA cen
Source 7} 1727 = 1910 USA cen
Source 8} 1728 = 1920 USA cen
Source 9} 1729 = 1930 USA cen
Source 10}1730 = 1940 USA cen
Source 11}1731=Cemetery rec
Source 12}1732=Genealogy
Source 13}1758=Photograph
Parents: } Francis Clemons Walker & Elizabeth Staheli
   Relationship No.} 75
1st Household No.} 59 = Pine Valley, Washington, Utah
      Occupation 1} Carpenter
       Occupation 2} Mechanical engineer
       Occupation 3} Deputy sheriff
  Religion/Church} Latter-day Saints
Spouses:   Prime} Wadsworth Harriet Ellen (Hattie)
 Total Number of} 1
Notes:  Francis Clemons Walker, Jr., was born 20 Jan 1871 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah.  He was the first child of Francis Clemons Walker, Sr., and Elizabeth Staheli.  Both Francis and his father went by the name Frank.  The family moved to Santa Clara, Washington, Utah in the fall of 1872, and moved to Spring Valley, Lincoln, Nevada in 1873.  Here Frank's younger sister Mary Elizabeth was born in 1872, and died two days later.  His sister Wilhelmina Barbara was born in 1873, and brother George Henry in 1875.

In the spring of 1876, the family moved to Desert Springs, Nevada, and his parents Frank and Elizabeth ran the mail station.  It was a stopping place for travelers going between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.  The family returned to Spring Valley, Nevada, where his sister Annie Sophia was born in 1878, and brother Joseph Antone in 1880.

In the 1880 U.S. census the family was enumerated in Spring Valley, Lincoln, Nevada.  His father Frank was listed as a farmer; he also had a small herd of cattle.  His mother Elizabeth's youngest sister Barbara Staheli was living with them as a servant.  Another sister Mary was living in Spring Valley with her husband Hans Olson, and three children.

Frank had four more sisters born in Spring Valley, Nevada.  These were Emma Rosina in 1882, Lemira Louisa in 1885, Laura Barbara in 1888, and Clara May in 1890.  In the spring of 1892 the children came down with diptheria.  His sister Emma, age 10, and brother Joseph, age 12 years, died.

Frank C. Walker home, Hinckley, Utah Disheartened, Frank's family left Nevada in Nov 1892, and moved to Hinckley, Millard, Utah.  They settled on a 200 acre farm, with 25 acres in alfalfa.  Their first house was a two room log cabin.  Frank's last brother Karl was born in 1893, but died in 1894 before a year old.  His father built a large nine-room brick house for the family, seen at right.

Frank married Harriet Ellen Walker on 10 Apr 1895 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.  Their first son, Owen Francis, was born in 1896 in Utah.  They moved to Nevada, where their son Harold Rummell was born in 1897, and daughter Eola in 1899.  In the 1900 U.S. census, the family was living in Deer Lodge, Lincoln, Nevada.  Deer Lodge was a small mining town, and Frank was a carpenter.

Their daughter Faye was born in 1900, son Arville Lazell in 1902, and son Clemons Elmer in 1909.  In the 1910 U.S. census, the family was living in Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada.  They owned their house, and Frank was a mechanical engineer.  Pioche was their lifelong home.  Their son Earl Wadsworth (Bill) was born in 1914, and daughter Irene in 1919.

Frank C. Walker Frank held numerous jobs over the course of his lifetime.  In the 1920 U.S. census he was a stationery engineer in a butcher shop.  In the 1930 U.S. census the family was living on County Road, and he was a deputy sheriff.  In the 1940 U.S. census, he had completed four years of college and was a civil engineer working on his own account.

Frank's wife Harriet died 14 Oct 1950 in Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada.  Frank died 3 Oct 1953 in Boulder City, Clark, Nevada.  Both are buried in the Panaca Memorial Park, Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada.
Time of Birth}   Time of Death}   Fraternal/Social}  
Baptism Date} Fam 28 Sep 1879 Place}   Francis Clemons Walker
Confirm. Date}   Photos} Francis Clemons Walker
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade} College, 4 yr         or Top 2 Degrees}  
Military: Service}                                    for the State of}  
Health Condition}  
   Cause of Death}  
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