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Name}   Detwiller, Alexander Family History} Olson                 
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Exa 16 Aug 1870 Place} Fullarton Twp., Perth, Ontario
Marr.: Date} Exa 28 Feb 1900 Place} Fullarton Twp., Perth, Ontario     (Link)
Death: Date} Fam  3 Dec 1954 Place}    , Perth, Ontario
Burial: Date} Aft  3 Dec 1954 Place} Woodland Methodist Cemetery, Mitchell, Perth, Ontario
  Grave Marker} Yes
Source 1}   71 = Family notes
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Source 3} 1357=Family hstry
Source 4} 873 = Birth record
Source 5} 243 = 1871 Can cen
Source 6} 247 = 1881 Can cen
Source 7} 929 = 1891 Can cen
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Source 16}1360=Voter record
Source 17}406 = Cemetery rec
Source 18}906 = Cemetery rec
Parents: } Alexander Detwiller & Elizabeth Parker
   Relationship No.} 219
1st Household No.} 86 = Fullarton Twp., Perth, Ontario
      Occupation 1} Farmer
       Occupation 2}  
  Religion/Church} Presbyterian/Methodist
Spouses:   Prime} French, Agnes
 Total Number of} 1
Notes:  Alexander Detwiller was born 16 Aug 1870 in Fullarton Twp., Perth, Ontario.  He was the seventh of thirteen children born to Alexander and Elizabeth Detwiller.  In the 1871 Canada census, Fullarton Twp., his siblings included Rebecca born in 1860, Marion, 1862, Christopher, 1863, Elizabeth, 1865, and John, 1867.  Bertha, born in 1869, died as an infant, and Christopher was to die in 1876.  In the 1881 Canada census, Fullerton Twp., his additional siblings were Annie, born in 1873, William, 1875, James, 1876, and Isabella, 1878.  By 1885, the family was complete, with the addition of Innis, 1883, and Robert, 1885.  The census records list the family as being Presbyterian.
In the 1891 Canada census, he is found living with George and Elizabeth Goring, and their two young sons, in Fullarton Twp., Perth South.  George is listed as a farmer, and Alexander as a domestic.  While it might be presumed that he was helping on the farm, his actual position is unclear.  Sometime before his marriage, he moved to Hayfield, near Souris, Manitoba.

Alexander married Agnes French on 28 Feb 1900 in Fullarton Twp., and the couple moved to Manitoba.  Alexander was a farmer.  In the 1901 Canada census, they were living south of Brandon near Glenwood, and they are listed as being Methodist.  In 1904, Alexander's three brothers, Gavin, Innis and Bob visited to help with the grain harvest.

In the 1906 Manitoba census, Alexander and Agnes' postal address was Hayfield, which is a short way from Glenwood.  E.H. Rimand, age 1, was living with them, listed as their son.  In the 1911 Canada census, Earnest H. now carries his adoptive name Detwiller.  The family's residence is described as being on Sec. 15, Twp. 8, Range 20, West 1st Meridian.  The family had 15 horses, 5 milk cows, 12 other meat cattle, and 6 pigs.  Arthur Bird, a laborer is living with the family.  In the 1916 Manitoba census, their place of residence is on 1st Street, in Souris Town.  This is a short distance from Hayfield.  It is possible that all of these census descriptions pertain to the same family farm or place.

Family records report that Alexander and Agnes adopted two children.  One was Earnest, noted above, who reportedly moved to British Columbia as an adult.  The second was a daughter named Doris, noted below, who married Ernest Rennick.

In the 1921 Canada census, the entire family is listed.  Ernest is 16, and Doris is 4 years.  The Canada Voter Lists in 1940 records Alex. Detwiller, farmer, Mrs. Alex. Detwiller, and Doris Detwiller, spinster, as living in Hayfield, Beresford, Brandon, Manitoba.  Nothing more is known about the family until the death of Alexander's wife Agnes in 1950, and Alexander's in 1954.  They may have moved back to Ontario as both are buried in the Woodland Methodist Cemetery, Mitchell, Ontario.
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Confirm. Date}   Photos} None
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade}                               or Top 2 Degrees}  
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