Relationship Record 1073

Male/Husband}   Baldwin, Wilfred Leslie     Family History} Olson
  Female/Wife}    Stevenson, Florence L. Relationship Type} Marriage
Marriage: Date} Exa 31 Jan 1922 Place} Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania
Ended: On Date} Bef 1935
                     By} Unknown
Source 1} 1336=Marriage rec
Source 2}  
Source 3}  
Source 4}  
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1st Household No.}  
Photographs} None  
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        by} Karen Hancock
Date Updated} 29 Jan 2013
Date Created} 25 Jan 2013
Notes:  Wildred Baldwin married married Florence L. Stevenson on 31 Jan 1922 in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania.  She may have been known as Elsie.  It is unknown how long the marriage lasted or how it ended.  By 1930, Wilfred was living with his mother, Frances in Plainfield, New Jersey.
Children: Total # of Children} 0 Seq. # of Primary}  
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