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The information on these pages is extracted from the "Hancock Family History", which is a carefully researched and computerized genealogy that currently includes records on over 2,517 of Dan Hancock's ancestors, descendants, and collateral relatives.  The Hancock Family History is maintained with the Ancestors and Descendants (A&D) genealogy software.  Dan is in the process of carefully and methodically transferring and enhancing the records on all of the deceased individuals to this website.  The transfer and enhancement process began in the Fall of 2003 and will take many years to complete.

The Hancock Family information maintained at this website consists of six record types:

  1. Individual Records — An Individual record exists for each person in the Hancock Family History.  The record documents the key attributes and events associated with that individual.  Each record contains a minimum of 53 data fields, and may include biographical text.  Go to Individual records by clicking on the Individuals by Name link in the Hancock Family Sub-Menu.

  2. Relationship Records — A Relationship record documents the interrelationships between the members of one family group.  Similar to a marriage record, it is also used for relationships other than formal, legal marriages — such as common-law and out-of-wedlock situations.  The record identifies all children produced by a set of parents.  It contains a minimum of 26 data fields, and may include historical text about the family.  If a person was married six times, one Relationship record will exist for each of the six marriages.  Go to Relationship records by clicking on either of the two Marriages links in the Hancock Family Sub-Menu.

  3. Household Records — Similar to a census record, a Household record is used to identify a piece of real estate and to record information about the house, farm, business, or other institution located on it — and the names of the residents living or working there.  It contains a minimum of 27 data fields, and may include descriptive text about the place.  A Household record covers a period of time (from the day the family moved in until the day that the last resident departed) — whereas a census record reflects only one point in time.  Household records are also used to keep track of family members' residence in homes, boarding houses, prisons, hospitals, and cemeteries.  Go to Household records by clicking on the Places/Households link in the Hancock Family Sub-Menu, or by clicking on the 1st Household No. hyperlink within any Individual or Relationship record.

  4. Source Records — A Source record exists for every document upon which our family history records are based.  For example, each birth certificate, census record, newspaper obituary, and photograph album has a corresponding Source record that identifies it.  The authenticity of a family history should be questioned unless there is an easy way to identify its sources and establish its accuracy.  A family history is only as valuable as its sources, and when the sources and their origin are doubtful, the history is almost worthless.  Source records are our fundamental building blocks for assuring the accuracy and creditability of the Hancock Family History.  To view the sources of our information, simply click on the Source hyperlinks within any Individual, Relationship, or Household record.

  5. Photographs — A Photograph record exists for each photograph or engraving included in the Hancock Family History.  View photographs by clicking on any of the thumbnail images that appear in many of the Individual, Relationship, Household, or Source records.  The Photograph will then appear with its full caption.  You may click on the image a second time to view the photograph in a larger window.  And, if the original photograph was large, you may click on the image a third time to view it as it was originally scanned.

  6. Trees/Pedigree Charts — A Tree record will be added for all of the key individuals at this website.  It provides a quick and convenient means of viewing a 3 (and in some cases a 5) -generation ancestry chart.  Go to Tree records by clicking on the Trees/Pedigrees link in the Hancock Family Sub-Menu at the left, or from the bottom of those Individual Records that have the following button:  View Tree.  More Tree records will be added as our research continues.

Each of the above records is viewable as a separate web page.  In addition, each record is identified with a unique number.  These record numbers are identical to the record numbers in the Ancestors and Descendants (A&D) genealogy software with which the Hancock Family History is maintained.

Each Individual, Relationship, Household, Source, and Tree record includes a Next Page Next Page button and hyperlink at the bottom right corner of its web page.  Click on that button to go to the next (numerically higher) Individual, Relationship, Household, Source, or Tree record.

The complete Hancock Family History is supported by over 1,500 fully indexed source records collected over the last five decades.  These source records include historical books, photographs, census records, birth records, Hancock Source records marriage licenses and certificates, pension records, land deeds and maps, divorce records, interview summaries, town directories, voter lists, church membership lists, personal letters, prison records, newspaper articles, death records and obituaries, funeral and cemetery records, etc.  The original or reproduced copy of each of these source documents is physically stored at the Hancock residence within a 9" x 12" envelope that is identified by its unique Source Record Number.  These Source envelopes are then stored in banker boxes as shown in the photo at the right.  Hyperlinked citations to these source records provide a convenient and effective means of identifing and substantiating the primary and secondary sources for all the family data on these web pages.

The codes "Aft", "Bef", "Exa", "Fam", "Cal", or "Cir" (for After, Before, Exact and proven, Family-reported, Calculated, and Circa, respectively) are used in each date field to indicate the reliability and accuracy of the information presented.  Our objective is to have most dates be "Exa" (i.e., Exact and proven).

As stated in our Privacy Policy, only information on deceased persons is posted on this website.  Although we have extensive information on living relatives, we are intentionally not putting it on the Internet.  This is to avoid providing information that could potentially be used by criminals for illegal purposes.  Family members who want access to this information may contact Dan Hancock via e-mail, telephone, or letter.

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