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Name}   Hancock, Katharine Anastasia (Kathy or Kathi) Family History} Hancock              
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Female
Birth:   Date} Exa 13 Apr  1966 Place} Anaheim General Hosp., Anaheim, Orange, California
Marr.: Date}   Place}  
Death: Date} Exa   9 Mar 1987 Place} University Hospital, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Burial: Date} Exa 14 Mar 1987 Place} Westminster Mem. Park, Westminster, Orange, Calif.
  Grave Marker} Yes
Source 1} 751 = Photographs
Source 2} 836 = Photographs
Source 3}   87 = Death certif
Source 4} 480 = Funeral rec
Source 5} 294 = Cemetery rec
Source 6}   85 = Family history
Source 7}  
Source 8}  
Source 9}  
Source 10} 
Parents: } Daniel W. Hancock (Dan) & Restricted information
   Relationship No.}     1
1st Household No.}   10 = 1800 W. Gramercy Ave., #52, Anaheim, CA
      Occupation 1} Secretary and typist
       Occupation 2} Waitress and hostess
  Religion/Church} Methodist
Spouses:    First} None
 Total Number of} 0
Katharine Anastasia Hancock Notes:  Kathy spent her early years in Anaheim, California.  The photograph at the left shows her at age 3½ in December 1969.  She was a happy child, who especially enjoyed swimming and her ballet classes.  In 1971, her Kindergarten teacher wrote Katharine adds much to the classroom.  A joy in class.  Katharine Anastasia Hancock The photo at the right shows Kathy at age 6 in 1972 during an outing to the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  The photo at the left below shows Kathy at age 8½ in December 1974.  It was also during these years that her love of snow and skiing began.

Katharine Anastasia Hancock In 1975 the Hancock family moved to Schaumburg, Illinois.  It was there that Kathy named her adorable new black and white kitten Flower.  She quickly and happily discovered that her new companion would return all the love she could give it.  Flower grew to be one of the most loving cats imaginable.
Katharine Anastasia Hancock
In 1977, following a Bicentenial tour of the east coast, Kathy and her family moved to Huntington Beach, California.  Shortly thereafter, Flower was tragically killed.  Over the next five years, Kathy enjoyed countless trips to the sand, surf, and sun of Huntington State Beach.  The photo at the right shows Kathy at age 12½ in December 1978.  Her 5th and sixth grade performance at Crest View School was excellent, but the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades were difficult for her.

Kathy's 10th grade was completed in San Diego — where she met new friends.
Katharine Anastasia Hancock
In 1982, Kathy returned to Huntington Beach with her mother and entered 11th grade at Ocean View High School.  Kathy said Things in Huntington Beach are going great.  I'm happy with school.  My classes are going real well.  She met her first boyfriend and had her first long-term romance.  She also received her first traffic tickets:  one for riding on the handlebar of a bicycle and another for riding a skateboard in a no-skateboarding zone.  The photo at the right shows Kathy in February 1983 at age 17 with her father's skiis at Mt. Baldy, California.

Katharine Anastasia Hancock In 1984 Kathy left 12th grade and worked as a receptionist, purchased a new truck, and soon moved into a secretarial position.  She spent a year working at Monroe where she quickly mastered word processing, spreadsheets, and data base management systems.  The photo at the left shows Kathy, in front of her step-mother Karen Hancock, in October 1985 at Disneyland's Swiss Family Tree House.

In 1986 she quit her secure position at Monroe so she could move into people-intensive employment near the beautiful snow-covered mountains of Utah — allowing her to ski the mountains she frequently visited as a child with her parents.  She worked full time as a hostess and assistant manager at the Forklift Restaurant at Snowbird ski resort — and also worked as a waitress three nights a week at Sakura Sushi in Salt Lake City.  She used the local Nautilus facility, skateboarded frequently, and skied with seemingly effortless grace over the moguls and steep inclines at Snowbird.  She was proud that she could fly down the mountain faster than Snowbird's tram could return to its base.

On the evening of 8 Mar 1987 Kathy was a pedestrian walking with a friend about one mile west of Wendover, Elko County, Nevada, when they were struck from behind by a drunk Mexican national who was driving a stolen automobile.  Kathy was transported to University Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she passed away 8 hours later due to the head injuries sustained.  Kathy's friend survived.  After the hit-and-run incident, the driver quickly escaped back to Mexico.

Kathy greatly appreciated her friends.  She wrote the following to her close friend Suzie:
Whenever I need a friend, you always seem to be there.
You help me with my problems
and our joys together we share.
I can't imagine life without a friend like you.
Once we get together we are an invisible two.
All the time I've shared with you
can never be replaced.
Together we've had many good times
and conquered the problems we've had to face.
So I want you to know that I am always here.
If ever you need a friend to make your thoughts clear
and if I must leave you
as many good friends sometimes part
I leave you with good memories
and an important place in my heart.

          — Kathi
Kathy's brother Richard was later buried with her at Westminster Memorial Park in Westminster, California.
Time of Birth} 9:45 P.M.   Time of Death} 6:12 A.M. Fraternal/Social}  
Baptism Date} Exa   5 Jan 1966 Place} Valencia Methodist, Placentia, Orange, California   Katharine Anastasia Hancock
Confirm. Date}   Photos} Kathy in Dec 1983
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade} Eleventh grade
Military: Service} None
Health Condition}  
  Cause of Death} Automobile accident
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by} Dan Hancock
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Date Created}  18 Jun 1994
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