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England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975, records on five children of Robert Hancock (or Handcock) and Frances (or Fanny), with Baptism/Christening Place at South Molton, Devon.  The five records in the table below were found at
Name Bapt/Chr. Date Father Mother
 Handcock, Agnes   06 Oct 1805  Handcock, Robert (#2)  Fanny
 Handcock, John   12 Apr 1807  Handcock, Robert (#2)  Frances  
 Hancock, Thomas   07 Aug 1808  Hancock, Robert (#2)  Frances
 Handcock, James   06 May 1810  Handcock, Robert (#2)  Frances
 Hancock, Jane   01 Mar 1812  Hancock, Robert (#2)  Frances
  1. The above Baptism/Christening Dates are assumed to be nine months after the actual birth dates.
  2. The above (#2) suffix was added by Dan Hancock to identify a specific Robert Hancock.
  3. One of their sons was our direct ancestor, James Hancock.
  4. This page reflects the research and Hancock family findings of Kelly Wheaton in April 2012.
  5. See Source 1444 for earlier Hancock Baptisms data.
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