Household Record 417

CE Family History} Olson
HH Type} Cemetery
Name(s)} Old Tennent Churchyard Cemetery
Optional} Monmouth County
Str./Apt.} 454 Tennent Road
City/etc.} Tennent, New Jersey 07726
Household Dates:
  Source}   Exa 26 Jan 2010
  Burials}   Exa 1961 to 1998
Source 1} 963 = Cemetery rec
Source 2}  
Last Updated
by} Karen Hancock
Date Updated} 24 May 2014
Date Created}   30 Jan 2010
Click to enlarge Notes:  The Old Tennent Churchyard Cemetery, seen at the right, is located on a hill, surrounding the Old Tennent (Presbyterian) Church.  R. Christian Miller, his wife Elizabeth C., daughter Elizabeth M. Grambo, and son-in-law Lawrence C. Grambo are buried here.
Total # of Residents relevant to this family history} 4
Residents Born - Died G/M Grave
Miller, Rasmus Christian (R.C.) 1897 - 1961 Exa Yes C-23, WH 348
Miller, Elizabeth Cambell (Bess) Van Dusen 1895 - 1991 Exa Yes C-23, WH 348
Grambo, Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Miller 1921 - 1989 Exa Yes C-23, WH 348
Grambo Jr., Lawrence Christopher (Larry) 1923 - 1998 Exa Yes C-23, WH 348
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