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Name}   Detwiller, Andrew Mathieson Family History} Olson                 
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Exa 25 Jun 1881 Place} St. Marys, Blanshard Twp., Perth, Ontario
Marr.: Date} Fam 25 Mar 1903 Place}     , Griggs, North Dakota     (Link)
Death: Date} Exa  8 Feb 1937 Place} At home, Tyrol Twp., Griggs, North Dakota
Burial: Date} Exa 12 February 1937 Place} Cooperstown Cemetery, Cooperstown, Griggs, North Dakota
  Grave Marker} Yes
Source 1}   71 = Family notes
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Source 4} 373 = Geog history
Source 5} 873 = Birth record
Source 6} 342 = 1900 USA cen
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Parents: } Henry C. Detwiller Detwiller & Mathilda Moore
   Relationship No.} 220
1st Household No.} 387 = Blanchard, Perth, Ontario
      Occupation 1} Farmer
       Occupation 2} Wheat buyer
  Religion/Church} Presbyterian
Spouses:   Prime} Beattie, Isabelle (Isabel)
 Total Number of} 1
Notes:  Andrew Mathieson Detwiller was born 25 Jun 1881 in St. Marys, Perth, Ontario.  [Note: His birth record is difficult to find in records as he is listed as Andrew Mathesiore Amlin.]  He was the sixth living child of Henry and Mathilda Detwiller.  In the 1881 Canada census, the family was living in Blanshard Twp., Perth, Ontario.  His father was a farmer.  It included John, born in 1872, Mary, 1874, William, 1876, Alexander, 1878, and Fredrick, 1879.  Andrew was born in 1881. right after the census was taken.
In 1886, Andrew immigrated to the United States with his family, settling in Tyrol Twp., Griggs, North Dakota.  His last brother, Harry, was born in 1891 in the United States.  In the 1900 U.S census, Andrew was living with his family in Tyrol Twp., Griggs.  He was a naturalized citizen.  His father was a farmer, and the household consisted of him, his parents, his brothers, Alex, Fred and Harry, and a servant named Bell Bettie [Beattie].  Bell was Andrews future wife.  His father Henry died 1 Sep 1900.

Andrew married Isabelle Beattie (Isabel) on 25 Mar 1903 in Tyrol Twp., Griggs, North Dakota.  In the 1910 U.S. census, they had three children, namely Harold, born in 1903, Myrtle, 1904, and Vivian, 1908.  Andrew was a grain farmer, farming in Tyrol Twp., 4½ miles north of Cooperstown.  In the 1915 North Dakota census, the year their last son Ronald was born, they were living in Cooperstown, Griggs.  This may have been when Andrew was a wheat buyer at the Lovell Elevator.  The 1920 U.S. census, the 1925 North Dakota census, and the 1930 U.S. census records place the family on their farm.

Andrew registered for the World War I draft on 12 Sep 1918.  He was described as being of medium height and stout build, with brown eyes and brown hair.  His address was R.F.D. #3, Cooperstown, Griggs, North Dakota.  He was farming for himself, and his nearest relative was his wife.  He was a naturalized citizen due to the naturalization of his father.

Andrew was very active in community affairs.  He was a member and Past Master of the Northern Lights Lodge No. 54 A.F.A.M., member and Past Chancelor Commander of the Knights of Pythias Lodge, director and secretary of the Griggs County Fair Association, and a member of the Tyrol Township Board.  He served as the township clerk, and was a Democratic candidate for state Senator, being narrowly defeated.

Andrew had a stroke which led to chronic heart problems.  After three years of not being well, he died of heart failure on 8 Feb 1937.  Funeral rites were held at the Masonic Temple in Cooperstown on Friday, 12 Feb 1937, the Rev. C.C. Converse officiating.  He was buried in the Cooperstown Cemetery, Cooperstown, Griggs, North Dakota.
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Confirm. Date}   Photos} Andrew Mathieson
Immigr'n Date} 1885 Port} N/A
Education: Grade}                               or Top 2 Degrees}  
Military: Service}                                    for the State of}  
Health Condition} Stroke
  Cause of Death} Heart failure
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