Household Record 84

Res.1/Male/Husb}   Samuels, George Washington (Geo) Family History} Hancock
Res.2/Fem./Wife}   Coleman, Lucy Mildred HH Type} Historic household   HH
Name(s)} Mr. & Mrs. George W. Samuels and family
Str./Apt.} Blue Mountain
City/etc.} Napa County, California
Household Dates:
  Source}     Exa 19 Jun 1901
  Move-In}   Cir 13 Sep 1891
  Move-Out} Fam   Fall 1905
Source 1} 467 = Land deeds
Source 2}   51 = Newspaper
Source 3}   46 = Voter record
Source 4}     8 = Biography
Source 5}   42 = Death record
Source 6} 127 = Interviews
Source 7} 841 = Map
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by} Dan Hancock
Date Updated} 28 Oct  2005
Date Created}  17 Mar 2001
Click to enlarge Notes:  Lucy Coleman was 18 years old when she married George Samuels in March 1883.  Using a dowry from her parents, George and Lucy homesteaded and built a 4-room house at Blue Mountain in the Blue Ridge area of Napa County.  Their eight children were born at Blue Mountain between 1883 and 1901.  Their daughters lived in the big attic.

"Blue Ridge" is the line that runs along the top of the range of mountains that divides Napa County from Solano County — beginning at Putah Creek (and the current Monticello Dam) and running south for several miles.  I have not yet determined the exact location of Blue Mountain and the Samuels' house; however, I believe they were on the Napa or western side of the Blue Ridge line, south of the Putah Creek, east of or adjacent to the Capell Valley, and north of the Gordon Valley.

During these years, George acquired additional land via homesteading to raise cattle.  The children worked on the ranch.

In July 1892, the Napa Register reported that "G. W. Samuels of the Blue Mountain has many improvements and intends to build this Fall.  The mountain is getting quite well settled."

On 25 Jul 1896, George registered to vote in Napa County Precinct 55.  He gave his occupation as Rancher, his residence as Blue Mountain, but his P.O. as Vacaville.  George needed to make a living; however, the land was rocky and unfarmable.  Lucy didn't want to come down off of Blue Mountain — so George moved down to Vacaville and visited her at Blue Mountain periodically.  During the 1900 census, Lucy and the children were living at Blue Mountain — while George lived in Vacaville.

Their daughter, Gerna Belle, died on 13 Nov 1900 at age 1 year and 4½ months.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge In the Fall of 1905 George moved his family down from Blue Mountain to a one-story house on North Street in the town of Napa.  Lucy and their children stayed in Napa while he worked in Vacaville.  The family, however, continued to visit their old home at Blue Mountain as evidenced by the two photos at the right — which were taken on 7 Sep 1918.
Total # of Residents} 10  
Other Residents:
Household  His Last HH} ___  His Next HH}   49
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  3rd Res.} Samuels, Walter Rodney   49
  4th Res.} Samuels, Edith Margaret   49
  5th Res.} Samuels, Alma Claire   49
  6th Res.} Samuels, Bessie Edna (Bess)   49
  7th Res.} Samuels, Nora Agnes   49
  8th Res.} Samuels, Mildred Mary (Millie)   49
  9th Res.} Samuels, Gerna Bell ___
10th Res.} Samuels, Osmond Lloyd   49
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