Relationship Record 3

Male/Husband}   Hancock, Warren Samuel (Bud)     Family History} Hancock
  Female/Wife}    Williams, Viola Clide (Vi) Relationship Type} Marriage
Marriage: Date} Exa 19 Mar 1939 Place} Presbyterian Church, San Rafael, Marin, Calif.
Ended: On Date} Exa  15 Sep  1942
                     By} Divorce/dissolution
Source 1}     85 = Family hstry
Source 2}       6 = Family notes
Source 3}   375 = Biography
Source 4}   701 = Photographs
Source 5}   751 = Photographs
Source 6} 1598 = Marriage rec
Source 7}       1 = Birth certif
Source 8} 1587 = 1940 USA cen
Source 9}   443 = Divorce rec
1st Household No.} 1 = 2425 Second Street, Napa, Calif.
Photos} See below
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Date Updated}  1 Dec 2022
Date Created}  17  Jun 1994
Notes:  Bud and Vi met at the Green Lantern restaurant in Napa in the late 1930s.  Owned by Vi's parents, the restaurant had dancing on Saturday nights after the dinner crowd left.  Vi and her father, along with a drummer, played and provided live music to big crowds.  Vi had been dating Geno Gattavara and Bud had a girl friend, Margie, who lived in Oakland.  Bud starting coming in to drink beer and listen to the music (he didn't dance).

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge The photo at the right of Bud and Vi was taken in June 1938, about nine months before their marriage.  They were married Sunday, 19 Mar 1939 in the Presbyterian Church, San Rafael.  Viola marked their marriage and honeymoon route in March 1939 on the Shell roadmap shown at the left.  They went to the World's Fair in San Francisco the day after they were married.

Vi played at the dances on Saturday nights whenever she could — even after she became pregnant.

Bud and Vi bought a house at 1206 Banks Avenue in the Alta Heights area of Napa and moved in late in 1939.  Their son Daniel (Dan) was born here, and this was the house they were living in during the 1940 USA census.
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The photo at the left shows Bud and Vi with Dan at 2425 Second Street in Napa in late 1940.

Click to enlarge The photo at the right shows Bud and Vi with Bob & Lorraine Whitthorne at Vi's parents' house at 1615 F Street in Napa in 1941.

Bud and Vi's marriage was effectively ended on 15 Sep 1941 when Vi obtained an Interlocutory Decree of Divorce.  Bud was awarded the custody of their child — and also their Ford coupe.  Vi was awarded visitation rights and their house at 1206 Banks Avenue.
Children: Total # of Children} 1 Seq. # of Primary} 1
  1st Child} Hancock, Daniel Warren (Dan)
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