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Name}   Detwiller, Christian Family History} Olson                  
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Cir Sep/Oct 1812 Place}     , Waterloo, Ontario
Marr.: Date} Cir 1833 Place}     , Waterloo, Ontario     (Link)
Death: Date} Exa 24 Apr 1891 Place} Fullarton Twp., Perth, Ontario
Burial: Date} Exa 25 Apr 1891 Place} St. Marys Town Cemetery, St. Marys, Blanshard, Ontario
  Grave Marker} Yes
Source 1}   31 = Letter
Source 2} 314 = Letter
Source 3} 233 = Genealogy
Source 4} 525 = Genealogy
Source 5} 311 = Land deed
Source 6} 235 = 1850 Can agr
Source 7} 236 = 1851 Can cen
Source 8} 319 = Marriage rec
Source 9} 237 = 1861 Can cen
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Source 18}308 = Newspaper
Source 19}264 = Cemetery rec
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Source 21}1529=Cemetery rec
Parents: } Rudolph Dettweiller & Anna M. Wanner
   Relationship No.} 24
1st Household No.} 80 = Fullarton, Perth, Ontario
      Occupation 1} Farmer
       Occupation 2}  
  Religion/Church} Presbyterian
Spouses:   Prime} Campbell, Marian
 Total Number of} 1
Notes:  Christian Detwiller was born in September or October 1812 in Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada.  One source gives the date of 12 Sep 1812.  His parents were Rudolph Dettweiler and Anna M. Wanner.  [The spelling of Detwiller varies from generation to generation, and from record to record.]  He was the fifth of eight children in the family, which lived on a farm "near the Wanner Meeting House about two miles north-west of Hespler".  The family was of the Mennonite faith.  Christian married Marian, sometimes known as Mary Ann, about 1833.  Marian was of Scottish birth and was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  And thus Christian became a Presbyterian.    Their first daughter Hannah was born in 1834.
Christian's first farm was located in the Township of Waterloo, described as 180 acres on Lot 127 on the East side of the Grand River.  It was located about 2 miles north of Hespler, and the residence sat next to a lake.  The Waterloo North Land Records record the sale of the land by Henry Wanner and wife Hannah to Christian Detwiler on 1 Aug 1835, for $1,835.00.

Christian, Marian, and Hannah moved to the neighboring county of Fullarton and the community of Motherwell about 1836.  Their son Alexander was born in 1836, followed by Agnes, 1839, Henry, 1841, Andrew, 1842, Marion, 1845, Mary, 1847. and John, 1850.  In the 1850 agricultural census, Christian, Marian and their eight children were living on the family farm on Lot 31, Conc. EMR (East Mitchell Road).  In the 1851 Canada census, Lot 31 consisted of 160 acres, with 18 acres under crop and the remaining woods or wildland.  They raised wheat, barley, oats, peas, potatoes and turnips.  100 tons of hay was harvested, they made maple syrup, cheese for the market, and produced cloth from wool.  They had 10 head of cattle, 7 sheep, and 5 hogs.

Their last child Susannah was born in 1852.  In the 1861 Canada census, Christian was now a widower.  Seven of his children, namely Hannah, Henry, Andrew, Marion, Mary, John, and Susan were living with him. Their home was a 1½ story log house.  Agnes and Alexander had both married and moved out.  In the 1871 Canada census, only Hannah, Henry, Andrew, John, and Susan were living at home, as Marion and Mary had married.

In the 1881 and 1891 Canada censuses, Christian was no longer the head of household.  His son Andrew had married Jane Moore, and they had three children.  Christian was now living with Andrew's family.  It is presumed that they were still living on the East 90 acres of Lot 31, Conc. EMR., Fullarton Township.  By grant or gift, dated 13 Feb 1891, the land was transfered to Andrew.  It was registered 11 May 1891 in the Fullarton, Perth County, Ont. Abstract Index Vol A.

Christian died 24 Apr 1891 in Fullarton.  He was buried the next day in St. St. Marys Town Cemetery, St. Marys, Ontario.
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Confirm. Date}   Photos} Christian Detwiller's headstone
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade}                               or Top 2 Degrees}  
Military: Service} None                          for the State of}  
Health Condition}  
  Cause of Death} Diabetes
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