Relationship Record 13

Male/Husband}   Detwiller, Christian     Family History} Olson
  Female/Wife}   Campbell, Marian Relationship Type} Marriage
Marriage: Date} Cir 1833 Place}   , Waterloo, Ontario
Ended: On Date} Cir 1851/1861
                     By} Death of wife
Source 1}   31 = Letter
Source 2} 233 = Genealogy
Source 3} 235 = 1850 Can agr
Source 4} 236 = 1851 Can cen
Source 5} 237 = 1861 Can cen
Source 6} 243 = 1871 Can cen
Source 7} 245 = Title abst
Source 8} 319 = Marriage rec
1st Household No.} 80 = Fullarton, Perth, Ontario
  Photographs} None
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        by} Karen Hancock
Date Updated} 12 Jan 2014
Date Created}  27 Sep 1997
Notes:  Christian Detwiller and Marian Campbell were married about 1833 in Waterloo, Ontario.  Christian was originally a Mennonite, but became a member of his wife's church, the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

Their first farm was located in the Township of Waterloo, Perth, described as 180 acres on Lot 127 on the East side of the Grand River.  It was located about 2 miles north of Hespler, and the residence sat next to a lake.  Their first child Hannah was born in 1834.

The family moved to Perth County, and in 1850 they are found in the community of Motherwell, Fullarton Twp., Lot 31, Concession EMR (East Mitchell Road).  The Lot was 90 acres in size, of which they had 18 acres under cultivation.  Their son Alexander was born in 1836, followed by Agnes, 1839, Henry, 1841, Andrew, 1842, Marion, 1845, Mary, 1847, John, 1850, and Susan in 1853.

Marion died sometime between the birth of her last child in 1853, and 1861.  She does not appear in the 1861 census.  In that census, her husband is listed as a widower, with seven of the children still at home in their 1½ story log house.  Hannah, Henry, Andrew, Marion, Mary, John, and Susan were living there.  Agnes and Alexander had both married and moved out.  By 1871, only Hannah, Henry, Andrew, John, and Susan were living at home, as Marion and Mary had married.

By 1881, all the children had "left home", and Christian was living with his son Andrew and his family, probably in the same house.  Christian died 24 Apr 1891 and is buried in St. Marys Town Cemetery, Blanshard Twp., Perth.
Children: Total # of Children} 9 Seq. # of Primary} 3
  1st Child} Detwiller, Hannah
  2nd Child} Detwiller, Alexander
  3rd Child} Detwiller, Agnes
  4th Child} Detwiller, Henry C.
  5th Child} Detwiller, Andrew
  6th Child} Detwiller, Marion
  7th Child} Detwiller, Mary
  8th Child} Detwiller, John
  9th Child} Detwiller, Susan
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