This is the personal website of Dan & Karen Hancock.
Our genealogy and family histories are recorded here
on 9,584 pages—and include photos and biographies.
Our Hancock family  includes  Bird, Catt, McFarren,
Nickels, Samuels, Williams, Whitthorne, & other sur-
names.  Our Olson family includes  Baldwin,  Dean,
Detwiller, Miller, Noble, Stahli, and other surnames.
Our records are built from good, verifiable sources.
We add individuals and sources almost every day.
See the 69 major contributors of data to this site.
Please contact us if you have data to contribute.


Mern Noble
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This is also Dan Hancock's  technical  and educational  website on
Information Security.  After retiring  from years as a professional
Information Security Officer at a Citigroup software development
facility, he maintains this website to record the results of his con-
tinuing research in the field — and so users of his research can
have online access to it.  Click on  Information security  in the
Menu at left to then access the  Information Security Sub-Menu.

This site was last updated on 12 October 2018.  It has 376 pages on
information security, cybersecurity, cyberbullying, our international,
cruises, and other educational topics. This site has 9,960 total pages.

This site had over 269,752 visits and over 2,954,894 page hits since April 2004.
Earlier versions of this site had 53,877 visits from Feb. 1997 until April 2004.

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