A&D is a set of computer programs, along with a set of superb instructions for their use.  A&D works with most IBM-compatible personal computers that have DOS, OS/2®, or Windows® 3.x, 95, 98, or NT® (for more details, see Requirements).

The Basic Concept

A&D lets you create and easily maintain your genealogical database—or set of databases.  You input data into fields on screens, just as you would fill out a set of blank forms.  However, A&D's many advantages over forms include . . . .
An enter-it-only-once approach  (you don't have to enter a person's name again and again in many places)
Fast and easy correction or change of any field
Instant and automatic error detection on most fields
Over 100 pop-up, context-sensitive, help windows that let you pick valid entries from alphabetical lists
Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Protestant, and academic templates activated with a single keystroke
Easy-to-use tools to help you build a professional and creditable family history

The Powerful Differences

With uncluttered, easy-to-read, and consistent screens, A&D is called a "heavy-weight" system by knowledgeable genealogists because of its many unique and powerful features.  Browse the pages of this web site to learn why A&D should be your choice.

Key features of A&D   What you get when you buy A&D
The speed advantages   Books/manuals included with A&D

A&D is produced by professional genealogists to help serious genealogists efficiently produce more creditable family histories.  This is in stark contrast to the mass-marketed genealogical packages that provide limited data fields, inadequate guidance, along with slower and more tedious data-entry tasks.

Join in the adventure of exploring and researching the past.  A&D offers the foundation and the tools to help you uncover the clues and trace the unsung heros and heroines of your family's past and their odyssey.  With A&D to help simplify your data-entry tasks, the creation of your family history will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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